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Self-Storage Moving Company

Take control of your storage needs with a self-storage unit. At Black Tie Moving, we offer complete moving and storage solutions customized to your needs. Our nationwide self-storage services offer a flexible approach to secure storage. As part of our premium storage solutions, self-storage provides you with a ready-to-go unit for immediate use. This way, you can easily keep your items secure until you have space for them.

Make Moving Easy With Nationwide Self-Storage Solutions

Utilizing our nationwide self-storage services allows you to care for your belongings the way you want. No more organizing a delivery and pickup for a large storage facility. Instead, you have flexible access to a unit that works for you. This cost-effective way to store your items can streamline your entire relocation with:

  • Easy Transitions: Whether you’re in the process of decluttering or relocating, self-storage is an efficient solution. This flexible type of storage unit makes this transition more efficient than ever.
  • Reliable Spaces: Even with self-storage, you’ll have access to our award-winning concierge. Our dedicated customer service makes us BBB-accredited, A+ rated, and recognized throughout the industry.
  • DIY Solutions: With DIY storage, you can have complete control over your items. We can still provide the rest with premium solutions for packing, loading, and transportation.

The Nationwide Self-Storage Company

Our VIP packing services and storage solutions are the ultimate way to take care of your items. With a variety of short-term and long-term lease options, you can store any items you need—whenever you need them! We’re proud to offer:

  • Storage for Households: Self-storage services make household moves quick and efficient.
  • Storage for Businesses: Our turnkey office moving services cover your relocation from start to finish.
  • Specialty Item Storage: Take advantage of our tailored climate-controlled storage units for specialty item care.

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Whether you’re looking for VIP packing services, electronics movers, or a modular furniture moving company, you've come to the right place. At Black Tie Moving, you gain access to a team that does it all, including a variety of specialized moving services. Contact our certified moving and storage team to request a complimentary price estimate on any of our secure solutions.