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A long-distance move is considered a move over 100 miles. More details come into play when you’re moving that far away. It’s overwhelming enough to think about organizing and packing your belongings, let alone all the paperwork, utility set-up, driver’s license changes, school enrollment, and any other life matters that come with relocating your home.

Black Tie Moving is the long-distance moving company that helps thousands of homeowners every year relocate not just their homes but their lives. Give us a call to help you keep it all straight! Call (844) 920-2966 or contact us online. 

Intrastate Long-Distance Moves

Staying in your current state lines reduces some long-distance moving tasks, but there’s still plenty to consider when moving within the same state.

An in-state move may still mean you’re moving several hundred miles, which means your belongings need to be organized and safely packed. Utilities in your new home need to be arranged, and you need to ensure your furniture will actually fit in your new space.

It can be overwhelming to consider all these things, especially if you’ve never moved before. Black Tie Moving has been helping people move for over 50 years! We know the drill and can take care of everything that would have never crossed your mind when planning a move.

We’re the personal assistant you’ve always dreamed of, providing VIP celebrity treatment every step of the way. Call (844) 920-2966 or contact us online and let us take care of you during your move.

Interstate & Cross-Country Moves

Venturing beyond state lines adds another layer of tasks, and more time, to your long-distance move. To ensure all details are planned accordingly, our experts meet with you to provide a detailed estimate.

Long-distance moving company services include:

  • Free in-home estimates
  • Full-service packing
  • Furniture and specialized moving
  • Custom crating
  • Short- and long-term storage

Black Tie Moving can handle everything and provide a red carpet experience the entire time. Call (844) 920-2966 or contact us online. 

Long-Distance Commercial Moves

We roll out the red carpet for businesses too! Black Tie Moving’s commercial moves ensure a hassle-free relocation by providing movers specialized in commercial moves, along with partnerships with third-party services to complete your move affordably and reliably. Other benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Training & uniformed professionals
  • Fully licensed, insured, & bonded service
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Clean trucks & new moving equipment
  • Scheduling for your convenience

Let Black Time Moving help you get back to work without a hitch. Call (844) 920-2966 or contact us online. 

Concierge Services

Is there anything we don’t do?! With our concierge services, you have someone working alongside you the entire time, giving you daily check-ins and peace of mind.

Why Choose Black Tie Moving to be Your Long-Distance Moving Company?

Black Tie Moving is the trusted mover to many of today’s biggest celebrities, athletes, musicians, NBA teams, and homeowners just like you. So we know exactly what VIP should look like. We’ve developed the best reputation in the moving industry by being the highest-rated movers on all consumer review platforms such as Yelp, Angi, BBB, and many more.

Get a VIP moving experience so you can focus less on stressful details and more on saying goodbye to your current home and hello to your new one. Call (844) 920-2966 or contact us online. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Long-Distance Moving

Does all my stuff move at the same time during a long-distance move?

Not necessarily. Depending on the number of belongings, transportation schedules, and timing of your move-in date, some of your stuff may arrive before or after you initially take possession of your new home. We know well beforehand when that’s the case and coordinate storage and transportation accordingly.

I don’t really need full-on VIP treatment. Can I hire you just for a couple of services?

Of course! You can book our services “a la carte,” and they all will be delivered with a VIP level of professionalism.

Are there any items I cannot pack when moving long distances?

We will provide you with an extensive list of banned items, including perishables, aerosols, propane cylinders, and paint. This will allow us to perform a safe and efficient long-distance relocation for you.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my long-distance moving services?

If you’re planning your long-distance move for late spring or early summer, the sooner, the better! Allowing for two months’ notice is ideal because we can usually accommodate your preferred moving day and reserve your team of movers. If you are moving in winter, then a month’s notice will be plenty of time for us to plan a high-quality moving experience for you!

It’s never too soon to begin planning with a long-distance moving company. Give us to call at (844) 920-2966 or contact us online. Tell us a little about your move, and we will get an estimate and plan for you.