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Need help moving? Whether you’re looking at a minor move across the city or relocating your entire life across the country, the experienced movers at Black Tie Moving can allow you to live the true VIP moving experience. Don’t fret about logistics, sore muscles, or damaged belongings; just let our team handle everything from start to finish with one of our custom moving plans.

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Moving Services

Every move is different, which is why at Black Tie Moving, we’ve developed an understanding of the ins and outs of all sorts of different relocations and associated services. Our team knows exactly what you need to make your move simple and stress-free, whether you’re moving near or far, residential or commercial, to the top floor of a condo or into a private estate.

Our selection of services includes:

Want to learn more about what Black Tie Moving can do for you in the Lyndon area? Read on, or contact us now at (214) 257-8336!

Local & Short Distance Residential Moves

Short-distance moves aren’t necessarily any easier than long-distance moves, depending on the logistics involved. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to leave your local move to the team at Black Tie Moving; we can make sure your in-state move is exactly as simple as you hope it will be.

Need a local moving company in Lyndon? Contact us online or call our local movers at (214) 257-8336 to request a quote!

Long-Distance & Interstate Moves

A long-distance move can be a scary prospect. You don’t get much in the way of do-overs and easy fixes when you might realize the problem a hundred miles from your starting point and your destination. But don’t worry; we understand how important getting the little details figured out in advance is, so we take all the guesswork and anxiety out of your move. Whether you need a little help or a massive plan for getting things moved, we can provide the services you need.

To learn more about our long-distance movers in the Lyndon area, contact Black Tie Moving online or call Lyndon movers at (214) 257-8336.

Commercial Moving Services

When moving a business, you need a mover that understands the intricacies of commercial moving; you need a team you can trust to be punctual, stay on schedule, and work with your team to minimize downtime. That’s why you want to work with movers from Black Tie Moving; we can put together a detailed relocation plan to avoid downtime and help you avoid losing money and productivity.

Ask about our commercial moving services today. Contact us online or dial (214) 257-8336 to speak with a Black Tie Moving mover in the Lyndon area.

Junk Removal & Storage

Need to divert some of your belongings to the trash or a storage unit? Just doing some spring cleaning? We can help with that, too! We’ll make it easier than ever to clear out unwanted junk, move seasonal sporting goods and decorations to storage, or split your home’s belongings between your new home and a storage unit. Need storage? We can provide that, too.

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By selecting Black Tie Moving for your Lyndon-area move, you’ll experience our custom-tailored moving experience, designed to help everyday customers feel like VIPs. We want your move to be something you don’t have to worry about; even if we can’t remove every iota of personal stress from your big move, we can make sure everything goes exactly to plan, without you needing to worry about the actual physical relocation of goods, turning on utilities, or other details.

Request a free, zero-obligation quote for your next move today. Dial (214) 257-8336 or reach out to us online to get started.


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Shilah T.

Just moved today from Stanford KY to Louisville KY and it was the absolute best experience! Carlos, McKinley, and Shawn were professional, fun, and efficient. I would recommend Black Tie to anyone!

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