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Most of our customers require storage services at some point, whether it is part of a move or to open up some space in their homes. At Black Tie Moving of Phoenix, we offer help with offsite storage of your belongings for the short- or long-term. Having a place to keep your belongings for as long as needed can ease much of your daily stress.

Black Tie Moving also offers comprehensive Cave Creek moving & storage services for our residential and commercial clients. We're one of the fastest growing independent movers in the nation with branch locations in many other states. Our company has also partnered with Advantage Storage, a major self-storage company with more than 30 facilities throughout the United States.

Storage Solutions for Every Situation

When you need help with storing your belongings, we can also send out our fully licensed, trained, and bonded crew to pack everything, load it onto our truck, and take it directly to the storage facility. There is no need to stress out about the amount of effort required. Our household moving team will take care of everything.

We'll be happy to move your belongings out when staging a home for sale, clearing out the basement, or to help offices with decluttering their workspaces of extra furniture and equipment. Our storage solutions are varied and include:

  • Residential storage during the household or apartment moving process
  • Storage of cars, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles
  • Temporary storage during the holidays or a renovation
  • Office movers who are trained to break down and pack computer equipment
  • Climate-controlled storage units available for paintings, antiques, and electronics
  • Multiple sizes of storage units available so you never pay more than needed

Learn More About Our Cave Creek Storage Solutions

You can have a full-service solution to the problem of what to do with your belongings. Allow a professional Phoenix moving & storage company to load everything up and take it to an offsite storage facility. Black Tie Moving of Phoenix will keep your belongings safe until you are ready to receive them again.

Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form to ask about a complimentary cost estimate for packing and storage of your goods in Cave Creek.