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For a truly premium moving service, Black Tie Moving is absolutely unrivaled in the industry. Our luxury moving solutions with moving concierge services stand out not only for their high quality, but for their incredible dedication to the satisfaction of our customers. Our moving experts go above and beyond the standards set by the industry by working to provide you with everything you need for your entire transition into your new home or office. It is this—our reputable and reliable concierge services- that makes Black Tie Moving the only TRULY one-stop solution for relocation services in the country.

Our Moving Concierge Services

From carpet cleaning services to utility concierge services, our professionals will coordinate and do it all so you can have the ultimate stress-free moving experience. See for yourself what moving concierge services Black Tie Moving has to offer:

  • Moving kit for DIY packers
  • File a change of address on your behalf
  • Arrange to start/stop/transfer services with third-party vendors
  • Arrange to start/stop/transfer utilities from former address to new address
  • Shop for best utility promotions in your new area
  • Coordinate donations to charities to be picked up
  • Coordinate pet move accommodations
  • Coordinate and facilitate pet adoption process
  • Provide you with a detailed report to include receipts of payment for tax purposes
  • Coordinate vehicle transportation
  • Coordinate the move of specialty items (i.e. piano, wine collection, grandfather clock, etc.)
  • Arrange for storage of your belongings onsite & offsite depending on your preference
  • Arrange cleaning services for your former and new homes
  • Arrange carpet cleaning services
  • Arrange for junk removal
  • Arrange handyman services
  • Home gym disassemble/reassemble
  • Home office disassemble/reassemble
  • Billiard table dissemble/reassemble
  • Full packing and unpacking services
  • Provide a Home Space Designer who will create a custom floor plan for your furniture
  • And much more!

You deserve the best—get the red carpet treatment today by contacting the moving professionals at Black Tie Moving. As an A+ BBB accredited business, we proudly offer each and every one of our customers superior moving services with a luxury feel at a cost-effective and competitively priced rate. We promise your relocation will be customized to your precise needs and you’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated move coordinator from start to finish.

Call one of our moving specialists today to learn more about our moving concierge services or schedule your free moving estimate by filling out our online form!

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Concierge Services

How does Black Tie Moving protect specialty items?

It depends on the item. For pianos, grandfather clocks, and other furniture, we use high-grade blankets, foam, wood, and other packing materials to ensure the item is snug and secure. For items such as artwork and wine collections, we will make sure the item is properly secured within a solid container. We also have the ability to transport items in climate-controlled conditions to protect them from humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Can Black Tie Moving prepare my new home for my arrival?

Our moving professionals can arrange to have your home clean and in exceptional condition on the date of your arrival. We can arrange interior decorating services, handyman services, cleaning services, security services, and more.

Will Black Tie Moving arrange for utility services?

We can provide a comprehensive report of area service providers and arrange for utilities to be turned on, stopped, or transferred to your new address. We will also help you secure utility promotions and provide you with all the necessary paperwork required for tax incentives, rebates, etc.

What if my moving date changes?

We understand that busy schedules mean that schedules can change without notice. Whether it’s a last-minute change regarding your arrival date or whether you decide to renovate the new home before moving in, we offer on-site and off-site storage and can adjust your move-in date as required.

How does Black Tie Moving move my beloved pet to his/her new home?

We use a number of reliable pet moving services. We carefully select these companies for their integrity, reliability, and knowledge. Whether you have a large pet, small pet, older pet, or pet with special needs, we will make sure the animal has the food, shelter, veterinary support, etc., required to facilitate a smooth and safe move.

Will Black Tie Moving donate my items to charities of my choice?

Absolutely! There is no need to move old, unused, or unwanted items to your new home. We can arrange for these items to be picked up from your home and deposited at the charity of your choice.

Do you have more questions about our moving concierge services? Contact Black Tie Moving at (513) 647-1458 to speak with our moving specialists about your specific requirements.