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Stress-Free Moving From Nashville to Memphis

Whether you’re already gearing up to make the journey or just considering your options for relocation, the idea of a long-distance move can stir up significant stress. If you’re in the Nashville area and considering moving to Memphis, you’re in good hands with Black Tie Moving. We’re Tennessee’s moving experts with offices in Nashville, Memphis, and almost any other city you can think of.

Let Black Tie Moving handle the complex coordination and heavy lifting on your Nashville to Memphis move by calling us at (214) 257-8336 or contacting us online today.

What To Know About Moving to Memphis

When it comes to long-distance moves, Nashville to Memphis is a short one at just about 215 miles — depending on what suburbs you may be traveling between. That means the trip is just about a three-hour drive.

Many people looking to relocate to Memphis do so because the cost of housing is a staggering 67% lower than in Nashville. While you’ll find better job growth and a more sprawling nightlife in Nashville, Memphis keeps the big-city vibe but brings better housing into reach — which is why it’s such a common move to make.

What To Consider When Moving from Nashville to Memphis

Despite the relatively short moving distance, there are three crucial factors to consider when packing up and moving from Nashville to Memphis.

  • Temperature: Tennessee is known for pushing the mercury pretty high for many months out of the year. Consider how high temperatures affect your valuables or delicate electronics when packing and storing items.
  • Humidity: Even when the temperature is mild, frequent high humidity can make the exertion of packing, loading, and unloading more dangerous.
  • Traffic: If you don’t make the trip often, you might be surprised that I-40 gets backed up sometimes, leaving you stuck in unpleasant traffic during an already-stressful time.

Black Tie Moving has offices in both Nashville and Memphis so that we can support you from both sides of your moving journey.

Call our Nashville office at (214) 257-8336 or contact us online to experience our unmatched level of service today.

How Black Tie Makes Your Move Easier

Even though you’ll remain in the same state, a move from Nashville to Memphis is still well within the long-distance category and may involve more complications than you think. Black Tie Moving is here to take care of the tough stuff, and that includes:

We roll out the red carpet with trained and professional movers who take care to make sure all your belongings arrive in Memphis safe and sound.

Don’t stress about moving to Memphis from Nashville. Just contact us online or call Black Tie Moving at (214) 257-8336 to learn more about what sets us apart and what we can do for you.

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