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Phoenix is a fantastic place to enjoy fun in the sun. Still, the sweltering weather presents challenges for people and businesses that need to store sensitive items. When you need to keep things in pristine condition despite the heat, turn to Black Tie Moving for climate-controlled storage.  

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

In your search for long-term or temporary storage, you’ve likely come across multiple solutions that are either climate-controlled or temperature-controlled. While the terms sound similar, they are not the same thing. Temperature control is more limited than climate control and only regulates the air temperature in the unit.

On the other hand, climate-controlled units typically operate with a dehumidifier and air conditioning system that allows for humidity control as well.

What Items Need Climate Control?

When looking at storage with climate control, you may underestimate just how many items need a climate-controlled unit to remain preserved in their current condition. Residential and commercial storage items that benefit from climate-controlled storage in Phoenix include:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Clothing
  • Paper
  • Wine
  • Medications
  • Instruments

Many people who opt for residential storage without climate control end up placing their items in storage only to open the door after some time to find damaged items. Furniture may crack, warp, or even start to rot. Fine leather may discolor. Electronics may be rendered useless. Books, photos, records, and more may degrade.

Deciding if You Need Climate Control

In a place like Phoenix, it’s obvious that the number one reason to get climate-controlled storage units is to protect your possessions from excessive heat and bone-dry conditions. However, here are two other reasons to rent a climate-controlled unit. 

  • Long-term storage: The longer your items sit in a storage unit, the more damage they accumulate due to temperature and dryness. If you’re going to store items for more than a month or two, climate control is necessary to keep them as they were when storage began.
  • Storing irreplaceable items: You wouldn’t be paying for storage if you didn’t care about your things, but collectibles, antiques, and other valuables are another story. Don’t take a chance on your irreplaceable items getting lost to climate fluctuations.

Professional Residential & Commercial Storage Solutions

When you partner with Black Tie Moving, you will have access to more than 30 facilities in convenient locations across the United States. You can bet there’s a storage facility near you that will keep your belongings safe and secure for as much time as you’d like.

We offer residential and commercial storage solutions that include:

  • Household moving storage options to keep boxes out of the way before, during, and after your move
  • Apartment moving options allowing you to downsize without feeling like you’re drowning in stuff
  • Office moving options including the storage of sensitive electronics and complex computer equipment
  • Senior moving options that allow you to protect family heirlooms until they can be passed down

The Best Storage with Black Tie Moving

While you know us best for our red-carpet moving services, Black Tie Moving expands the VIP treatment to your storage experience. Our climate-controlled storage facilities in Phoenix are ideal for your long- and short-term storage needs and perfect for commercial storage as well. 

Find out more about how we make moving and storing your items easy by calling (513) 647-1458 or contacting us online today.