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Packing and unpacking are among the most difficult (and least popular!) parts of any move. At Black Tie Moving, our moving specialists are trained to pack, transport, and unpack everything from precious antiques to priceless mementos. We make sure that everything you own arrives safe and sound. When you walk through the door of your new home, everything from the cookware to the children’s clothes will be in the right place and ready for you to use and enjoy.

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The Right Equipment Makes a Difference

Black Tie Moving truck loaded with safety straps on items to unpack

We never use substandard materials in our packing process. From the moving blankets to the dolly we use to move the piano, we ensure that your items are protected from point A to point B. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of blankets and other packing material; you do not need to buy any or improvise potentially ineffective solutions that could damage your possessions.

Our team ensures the safety of your items by adhering to strict processes, procedures, and policies, including:

  • Not overloading boxes
  • Using the right bubble wrap, peanuts, etc.
  • Labeling each box and oversized item
  • Packing vehicles tightly and securing cargo with heavy-duty straps

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Keeps Your Essentials Handy

It is easy to lose essentials when moving. Whether you need cleaning supplies, important documents, medications, etc., our professional movers will ensure your essential items are front and center when you arrive at your new home. This reduces stress, saves time, and makes it easier to settle in.

Makes the Drive Easier

black tie moving truck pulling into driveway to unpack and unload

When was the last time you drove a 40-foot truck down the road? Even a 20-foot truck can be a challenge for a seasoned driver. Hiring a moving company means you can enjoy the drive without the headaches. Hiring a moving company is a cost-effective solution worth every penny when you factor in the time it takes to rent the truck, load the vehicle, drive it to your new home, and fill it up with gas.

Move In & Enjoy

When you arrive at your new home, the last thing you want to see or deal with is a mountain of boxes to sort through. When you hire Black Tie Moving, you will arrive at a home that’s already neat and tidy, where everything is right where you want it. That means you can kick off your shoes, relax, or hit the town and have fun exploring your new community.

Depend On Black Tie Moving for Packing & Unpacking Services in Cincinnati

At Black Tie Moving, we believe every item you own is your most valuable possession. From the medicines in the cabinet to the artwork on the walls, we take great care to ensure your items are properly packed, labeled, and prepared for transport. Our goal is to ensure your items arrive safely so they can be quickly unpacked and ready for you when you arrive at your new home. From planning and logistics to cleanup and organization, we’ll make sure to roll out the red carpet along every mile of the route.

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