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The sad truth is that a foreclosure often forces a home’s occupants out with little time to prepare. With plenty of other things to worry about, they rarely clean the home out before leaving. Foreclosed properties can present many challenges: large amounts of abandoned belongings, broken furniture, dirty or vandalized rooms, and general poor conditions. If you’ve acquired a foreclosed property, it is in your best interest to turn it around as soon as possible. Removing junk, hauling heavy items away, and cleaning and repairing the house is no small feat to accomplish with limited time.

At Black Tie Moving, our professionals are seasoned pros at efficient junk removal. We provide prompt foreclosure cleanout services for real estate professionals and homeowners alike, ensuring that your property is expeditiously primed for the market.

If you’ve got a foreclosed property in Columbus that you want to clean out, call Black Tie Moving today at (513) 647-1458 or contact us online for reliable, efficient cleanout services.

Professional Foreclosure Cleanout in Columbus

Most foreclosed properties require a lot of work before they are ready for an open house, sale, or even habitation. However, spending a large amount of time to prepare a foreclosed home for sale is simply out of the question in most cases. REOs, short sales, and foreclosures can be complex and time-sensitive, requiring debris removal to be completed quickly and efficiently. Black Tie Moving has extensive experience providing fast, efficient foreclosure cleanout services to turn foreclosed homes around quickly. Our expert cleanup professionals will get rid of all non-hazardous items from anywhere on the property, then responsibly dispose of them. For a more complete package, we also offer concierge services to take care of your entire foreclosure cleanout from start to finish.

For expert foreclosure cleanout services in Columbus, OH, call Black Tie Moving at (513) 647-1458 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate.

Concierge Services for Complete Foreclosure Cleanout & Preparation

Preparing a foreclosed property for habitation or sale is a very complicated endeavor. Streamline the process, save time, and reduce your stress with Black Tie Moving’s concierge services. When you sign up for our concierge service, you’ll be assigned a move coordinator who will assist you with every aspect of the foreclosure cleanout process. We pride ourselves on our connections with local retailers, distributors, and service providers. Over time we have cultivated strong relationships with these reputable services. This allows us to be your one-stop solution to take care of everything involved in cleaning and repairing a foreclosed home.

Your concierge move coordinator can provide a variety of services, including:

  • Coordinate donations to charities to be picked up
  • Arrange cleaning & sanitation services for a foreclosed home
  • Arrange carpet cleaning services or complete carpet removal
  • Arrange handyman services

Call one of our moving specialists today at (513) 647-1458 to learn more about our concierge services in Columbus, or schedule your free foreclosure cleanout estimate by filling out our online form!

Frequently Asked Questions About Foreclosure Cleanout

What types of items can you remove from a foreclosed property?

The professionals at Black Tie Moving are trained to pick up, haul, and properly dispose of everything except hazardous waste. This includes anything from furniture to appliances to abandoned belongings.

Does everything removed in a foreclosure cleanout go into a landfill?

Black Tie Moving is experienced at disposing of junk, appliances, and furniture responsibly. This means that we follow all local laws and guidelines, some of which prohibit disposing of certain items in landfills. We also recycle items when we can.

Can you remove large items from a foreclosed property?

In addition to removing appliances, Black Tie Moving can break down and remove large items such as junked cars, boats, play sets, and above-ground pools. No matter the item, we will expertly remove it and dispose of it responsibly, taking it out of your hands and off your to-do list.

Questions about our foreclosure cleanout services in Columbus, OH? Call (513) 647-1458 to speak to one of our moving specialists, or fill out our online form for more information.

Choose Black Tie Moving for Your Columbus, OH Foreclosure Cleanout

Black Tie Moving is a leading moving company in Columbus, OH that’s known for providing VIP experiences for all types of relocation and junk removal projects. Since 2012, we’ve been cleaning out foreclosed properties by overseeing every detail while completing even the most complicated cleanouts smoothly and on time. Our approach is designed to save time and money while providing a quick turnaround, securing ultimate peace of mind for our clients. With our 24/7 concierge services, you can rely on Black Tie Moving for extraordinary service and comprehensive foreclosure cleanout.

Call (513) 647-1458 or contact Black Tie Moving online for a free, no-obligation quote for our foreclosure cleanout services in Columbus.