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Columbus & Westerville Moves – Moving To & From

It’s easy to underestimate the difficulty of a local move, especially if you’ve been in the Columbus area for a while. But really, even a local move has unique challenges that you’re not equipped to face without a trusted moving company like Black Tie Moving. Since 2012, our expert movers have created a rock star moving experience for more than 40,000 customers. We’ll make your move between Columbus and Westerville a breeze with your moving concierge, a team of trained and courteous pros, and a red carpet, of course!

Take the headache out of your move with affordable local movers in Columbus and Westerville. Contact Black Tie Moving today at (214) 257-8336 for a free moving quote!

Moving to Westerville From Columbus

Westerville, OhioOne of the safest cities in America and one of the best places to live in Ohio, a move to Westerville might be a no-brainer for you. Westerville has a growing population as one of the top suburbs outside of Columbus for families to settle in. Besides having extremely low crime, Westerville has a low cost of living and high-ranking schools. 

If you want to feel at home the moment you get the keys, why ruin the experience by worrying about all the little details of your move? Our local professionals will expertly pack and unpack your furniture, protecting your keepsakes. We’ll then roll out the red carpet to move everything in with no scuff marks on the beautiful floors! We can even coordinate your utility activations — because is it really “home” without electricity? At Black Tie Moving, we want to make you feel like a VIP every step of the way.

Move to Westerville like a rock star with the local affordable VIP moving pros. Contact Black Tie Moving today at (214) 257-8336 for a free moving quote!

Moving to Columbus From Westerville

A shorter commute, the nightlife on High Street, tailgating (go Bucks!) — downtown Columbus is the place to be. Get into the action sooner with Black Tie Moving. Our team of expert movers has answers to all of your questions about moving from Westerville to Columbus, such as “where can I store my stuff to move to Columbus?” or “how do I downsize from a suburb to move downtown?” and even “how will I get my couch up all those stairs?” The professionals at Black Tie Moving have seen it all — enough to offer VIP moving services in Columbus so that you can move like a rock star.

Columbus, Ohio

Looking for moving labor help? Get the VIP treatment for your move to Columbus with local, affordable moving pros. Contact Black Tie Moving today at (214) 257-8336 for a free moving quote!