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When Black Tie Moving’s founder, Dustin Black, was still growing up, he often helped his father with his own moving company. Relocations have been a part of Dustin’s life since he was just 4 years old, so it was only natural that he’d find his way back to the industry as an adult. Black Tie Moving has evolved as a brand titan thanks to his unique vision, and it’s changing the way the industry thinks of moving companies.

Black Tie Moving’s History

Entrepreneurship has always been in Dustin Black’s bones. He began his professional life as a property manager. That time in the real estate industry taught him how poorly the moving sector addressed relocations. In those days, moving companies were a slipshod solution built out of thoughtless ethics, woeful hiring practices, and unfulfilled needs. Dustin wanted to change that, so he launched Black Tie Moving in 2012. Back then, moves were fraught with broken possessions, tardy helpers, and poor end-to-end solutions. Dustin wanted to gain a comprehensive view of his new sector, so he surveyed 18,000 real estate agents. He discovered that 93% of realtors did not recommend moving services to their clients.

The survey also highlighted the dire state of licensing and certification. Thirty-five percent of moving companies had no paperwork, so scams were common. Hidden fees and criminal records were simply a part of the relocation process, which wasn’t good enough. Black decided that Black Tie Moving would roll out the red carpet to every client served by:

  • Offering a 24/7 moving concierge to assist and adjust strategies on the go.
  • Taking care of tangential issues like storage.
  • Performing background checks on all staff.
  • Offering a wide range of moving services, from small interstate moves to large commercial ones.
  • Giving workers a clear route to career success from mover to operations manager.

Our Mission & Values

Black Tie Moving has always worked hard to perfect three core areas: professionalism, experience, and a customer-first mindset. We offer a high-level service that takes care of every aspect of relocation, from packing and moving to storage and planning. Integrity and character are woven into everything we do because we look for those traits in everyone we hire. We train our workers to become expert movers and pay them a salary that celebrates their successes. It’s incredible how much you can achieve if you value your employees.

Our company is a favorite among Hollywood A-listers and musicians because we treat precious belongings with the respect they deserve and can handle the logistics of huge three-day moves. Your valuable assets are in good hands with us, as is your time.

Awards & Associations

Black Tie Moving has made the Inc. 500 list for two years in a row. We’ve become one of America’s fastest-growing companies without losing touch with our values. We’re an A+ accredited BBB business, and our Yelp reviews tell you why: by treating every client as our only client. You all deserve personalized, thoughtful service, so that’s precisely what we provide. We’ve been on the pages of Forbes and the Huffington Post and are celebrated on

Our Louisville Service Areas

Black Tie Moving now has 20 corporate branches and 25 franchises. We’re a Dallas-based business that has grown to include Columbus, Cleveland, Colorado, and Cincinnati. Our Louisville branch is bringing Black Tie values to Indiana, and we’ll keep building new branches until we’ve become the most prominent, brightest moving company on the planet.

Moving should be a positive experience, so that’s precisely what we provide. Experience the best move of your life by calling (407) 287-6293 or contacting us online.

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