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Making the change from small town to big city living is exciting, but definitely comes with its own unique set of challenges. From navigating new traffic patterns to finding the perfect place to call home, there are a lot of factors to consider. That’s why we’ve compiled some time-tested tips for your upcoming big-city move.

Helpful Tips for Moving to a Big City

You are likely counting down the days until you can call that big city your home, but as you prepare for your move, consider these helpful tips from Black Tie Moving:

  1. Be prepared. Now is the time to reach out to any contacts you may have in the new city you’ll soon call home. Ask them questions about what to expect and heed their experiences and counsel. If you don’t know anyone there yet, take to the internet to do your own digging on housing prices, desirable neighborhoods, and city laws or regulations that may affect you.
  2. Find a place to live. This may be the trickiest part of moving to a big city from a small town, especially if you haven’t procured a job yet. However, the internet can be an invaluable resource for you, allowing you to research potential neighborhoods and line up apartments or homes available that you can tour. Know your budget beforehand so that you won’t be tempted to take on more than you are financially ready for.
  3. Update your resume. If you’ve already landed a job in your future hometown, great! If not, prepare yourself to compete against a larger pool of applicants than you may be used to. Now is a great time to make your resume shine. Try to visit career fairs and make contacts to establish more personal relationships that will allow you to present your skill set in a less formal setting.
  4. Declutter before you move. Most big city apartments are much smaller and more expensive than you may be used to. Now is a great time to downsize, donating or getting rid of items you rarely use, as they will likely only take up precious (and expensive) space in your new home. Find a reputable junk collection service to help you relocate or get rid of things you no longer want.
  5. Hire an experienced moving company. Investing in a seasoned moving company will not only reduce your overall stress levels, but it will allow you to get your new life up and running more quickly. Local movers will be familiar with the best routes to your new residence, and they are often privy to best practices in moving efficiency.
  6. Give yourself time to adjust. Moving from a small town to a big city is, undoubtedly, a huge lifestyle change. From deciding whether you want to rely solely on public transportation to exploring and meeting new friends, it’s important that you allow yourself adequate time to adjust. There may be moments of panic when you’re faced with unfamiliar circumstances, but just remind yourself of the reasons your chose your new city as home. The payoff is that you now have broader opportunities in everything from personal to professional growth!

Before long, you’ll be a seasoned pro at navigating the city streets of your new home, and you’ll be glad you were brave enough to embark on your big-city move!

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For decades, the team of professionals at Black Tie Moving has been helping people just like you begin exciting new chapters in their lives. Our team of moving experts will flawlessly pack, transport, and unpack your belongings in your new home, treating you with the VIP services you deserve from start to finish. We will roll out the red carpet for your upcoming move, so you can arrive at your new home in style.

Whatever your relocation needs may be, Black Tie Moving is committed to providing high-quality, affordable moving services. Call our team today for your free no-obligation quote at (844) 920-2966 or schedule your moving services online!

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Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5
1517 Reviews
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