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When you need to move your business, you need a partner who can make the transition as smooth as possible. Black Tie Moving specializes in commercial relocation and helping companies simplify the moving process. Understanding the commercial moving process can help you get ready for your move.

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Whether for their new home or commercial building, nearly 50% of movers purchase new furniture when they relocate. This means downsizing to make room for all that new decor. While you may not want to keep your old furniture around, tossing out perfectly functional household goods would be a waste.

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Even in the best of times, most businesses don’t have a relocation strategy in place. The result? Last-minute confusion, overlooked tasks, and lost items that can cost you time, money, and sanity. This year’s pandemic makes the process even more daunting and all that more important to plan ahead.

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Once upon a time, it seems that every young guy or gal dreamed of hitting it big in the Big Apple. The crowded subways, towering buildings, and glistening streets that never slept held their allure as we all watched them on the screen.

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Are you looking to move to Dallas? Whether it’s for a new job or a change in scenery, it can be difficult to know what to expect unless you are incredibly familiar with the area. As Dallas movers, we at Black Tie Moving are excited to tell new residents about the area.

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