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It’s no secret – moving is not a cheap. However, it’s a necessary, unavoidable cost when relocating. Whether it’s for local or cross country moving, the cost of moving can vary depending on the agreed upon services between you and your moving company.

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It's almost impossible to avoid stress completely during a move, but there are a variety of things you can do to minimize the physical demands of a move, as well as the emotional ups and downs that come with planning a move.

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You know you need help from local moving companies for your relocation and that you have to switch over your utilities. You've called up the kids' schools and talked about a transfer, and you've let everyone know about your move. Did you make plans for your pets, too?

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You’ve de-cluttered your life, packed up everything you own, and survived the local or long distance trip to your new home. Congratulations! You’re 75% done with the moving process.

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Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Purge The first and most important step in de-cluttering your home is to put yourself in the right mindset. You will be sifting through many old items that may have sentimental value, and unless you are prepared for it the process can be emotionally exhausting.

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