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10. Failing to Adhere to a prearranged schedule: As with any other major project, one vital key to success is setting a time frame and establishing a set of goals that need accomplished. Even though you may not be able to stick with the original set timetable, you are more likely to accomplish the task in a timelier manner. There is nothing more frustrating than rushing to vacate your former residence because removing everything is taking longer than anticipated. A schedule can assist in alleviating this problem.

9. Didn’t Establish Predetermined Locations: It is not only important to designate an area from where you will load your belongings, but there should be similar established locations at the destination. As opposed to piling everything in one room and sorting it all out later, properly labeled boxes can be directed to their preselected rooms upon arrival. This will keep the process moving and maintain a level of organization that will leave less work for later.

8. Entrusting Valuables to the Movers: While the movers will have their hands on a fair share of your most cherished possessions, there is no need to give them access to the ones that can ride with you. Take advantage of any expensive items or heirlooms that can fit in your vehicle. Items that are not in the hands of movers are less likely to meet their demise from a careless worker’s negligence.

7. Not Hiring Reputable Movers: While it may seem to make the most economic sense to go with the cheapest moving company, the consequences of doing so may outweigh any potential financial savings. With all services, you get what you pay for and no one wants their property handled by a low paid mover, who has very little monetary motivation to transfer your items with care. Do not settle for lower quality services, for the damage, which these low bidding companies often cause and will claim not liable for, can easily exceed the cost of hiring a more reputable company.

6. Trying to do it alone: Although some moves do not require the assistance of professionals and can save some money, others fail to recognize the very involved, time-consuming undertaking that is at hand. Unless you are able to take an extended leave from work or do not plan on a social life for a lengthy period leading up to the big day, a moving company can be a valuable resource. While this will not completely eliminate all of the stress and headaches involved, it can certainly lessen some of the pressure.

5. Lacking Detailed Box Labels: It is not enough just to organize your items and pack them accordingly. Properly labeling the boxes that they will be transported in can significantly decrease the amount of time spent unpacking. This uncomplicated step allows for a quick room assignment upon arriving, which in turn reduces the typical clutter in the receiving residence. Besides, it is certainly beneficial to know the exact contents of each box, when entering the sorting phase.

4. Inadequate Estimation: Moving companies operate like any other contractor. You should get an estimate in advance, which will take into account the distance traveled, amount of items being transferred, and ease of moving within structures. Estimates should always be done in writing, for legal purposes, and it never hurts to shop around. But above all else, remember to flush out any hidden fees or withheld information through lots of questions.

3. Neglecting to Clean in Advance: While packing in advance is a logical, necessary step prior to shipping off your valuables to their new home, some tend to overlook cleaning. As moving entails collecting all or the majority of your valuables, it is obvious that relocating a neat home is much easier than moving a mess. When coupled with cleaning, packing is less of a hassle and is less likely to result in a rushed, stressful relocation.

2. Lacking a Plan: Any move is a massive undertaking and requires diligent planning in order to achieve a smooth transition to your new location. Although just one more thing to worry about, a pre-established plan is not only an essential piece of the process, but a fundamental step. Laying out how, when, and where your possessions will ultimately end up, should be one of the initial measures taken when preparing for the move. But it is not enough to simply develop a strategy, as it will be of no use without abiding by the terms that you have specified. For as organization wanes, so too will your ability to maintain a swift and affordable move.

1. Underestimating your Inventory: One of the first things that will become apparent when starting the tedious process of packing is just how much you have acquired over the years. From random tucked away odds and ends, to that duplicate kitchen appliance, the monstrous amount of belongings that most of us collect can be quite staggering. But this phenomenon is not limited to large families, and can be true even in the smallest of dwellings. Unfortunately, this does not dawn on most of us until we start gathering up all of our possessions. Avoid being caught off guard by miscalculating the sheer volume of what composes your home and set aside time to conduct a thorough inventory, before even considering packing.

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Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5
1517 Reviews
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