When you begin to plan a move, you’ll find you have a few options to getting everything from point A to B. When budgets are tight, renting a truck can give your wallet some relief, but generally not as much as you might hope for. Here are a few extra expenses to consider when making the choice between a full service move and a do-it-yourself job.

  1. Gas Mileage
    - In general, a rental truck will get anywhere between 6-8 miles per gallon. With a current national average fuel price of nearly $4 per gallon(for diesel), the fuel itself can be quite costly. For example, if you were moving from Dallas to Houston or San Antonio, you could expect an extra $300-400 just in fuel. The price of gasoline is not included in the rental itself, so be sure to factor this into the overall cost, because when you return the truck, you’re going to have to make sure that gas tank is completely topped off.
  2. Renter’s Insurance -
    Insuring a rental truck covers the truck, you and any passengers, and other drivers and passengers if you were to have an accident. This insurance does not cover the contents inside of the truck. You can ask your personal automobile insurance provider what they cover then ask the rental company what additional insurance may be available and the cost of the additional insurance. Honestly, insurance on a rental truck can get VERY expensive, very quickly. Just basic liability that covers nothing more than if a rock cracks the windshield is $100-200 and can triple when you start factoring in cargo and passenger insurance. Most rental trucks you see on the road are grossly under-insured because of the high upfront costs. Just make sure you’re not one of them.
  3. Moving Day is Here, but the Truck Isn’t
    - Airlines, fancy dinners, and rental trucks all depend on reservations, and it is equally as common that ALL 3 will overbook their schedules because cancellations are so frequent. Truck rental companies take the cake on this, and you need to be aware that at times, you may end up having to drive to the rental location across town to pick up the truck, because someone else picked up your truck 10 minutes earlier.
  4. Truck Speed
    - Rental trucks simply are not intended to be driven like a regular car or truck. Factor in some extra time and hotel for the travel, something along the lines of accommodating a maximum speed of 60 mph. Any speed much more than that, and that gas mileage really starts to drop!
  5. Storage
    - Sometimes when you get to your destination, there may be a need for temporary storage. Unfortunately, rental truck companies are not set up to facilitate this need, and extending your rental by a few days can be quite expensive. A nearby storage facility will be a much more affordable option, though that will require moving everything…again.
  6. Limited Space
    - Deciding on the size of truck you will need to transport all of your personal belongings and treasures is a tough decision. You want to have enough space, but you don’t want to end up with a partially empty truck. Not only does it cost more for a larger truck, the gas mileage goes down as the truck size increases. Truck rental companies will be able to offer some insight into choosing the right size of truck as well as tips on utilizing the space by packing it correctly.

At the end of the day, Black Tie Moving offers a completely customized service, and that includes helping families load and unload their rental trucks and trailers. If looking to save some cash, a rental truck is great, but just make sure you invest in a professional company that can properly load your home to prevent damage along the way.