When you make the decision to move, you may find yourself needing information and support to help you get through the process successfully. Knowing where to find the information you need may be a frustrating search. To alleviate some frustrations, here is a list of websites that will give you information on everything from changing your address to hiring a moving company.


As soon as you know your exact date for the move and have your new address, you can schedule an address change online with USPS. You can also have them hold mail at the future location for you until you arrive. It is important to take care of your address change as soon as possible to avoid anyone beside you getting a hold of your mail and having the opportunity to steal your identity or any other fraudulent activity. It is also important to make sure your bills get delivered to you as soon as possible, so you avoid any late payments.

2. American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA)

Through this non-profit organization you will be able to find licensed and reputable moving companies.

3. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

The FMCSA website is operated by the US Department of Transportation. Here you will find useful information to help you with nearly every aspect of a move.

4. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Not all companies are registered with the BBB, but their website keeps a current list of information about scammers out on the prowl. In the moving industry, there are unfortunately some scammers, so taking a moment to research the moving companies you are considering may save you from a truckload of trouble.

5. Yellow Pages

Long gone are the days where you had to flip through the huge Yellow Pages book. Now, you can do a simple search online. The Yellow Pages website is full of information to assist your every need.

6. My Move

For a convenient online experience, the My Move site has something to offer for all things related to moving, from tips on installing small appliances in your new home to packing the smart way. There are also helpful tools that will help you find professional service providers as well as estimate the cost of moving.

7. Spare Foot Storage Finder

Whether you are moving into a smaller residence or decide you have more stuff than you want to unpack, a storage unit could be your saving grace. On this website self-storage facilities are simple to locate. You can enjoy having a more simplistic environment and keeping your extra stuff in a completely separate location.

8. City Data

Certainly, deciding on renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company, how to strategically pack the truck, and where to find cheap boxes are all important aspects of moving. The most important part of the move is finding the city, neighborhood, and home where you will abide. City Data’s website can tell you just about everything about the place you are thinking about calling home. Crime statistics, information on schools, costs of homes, and countless other bits of information are available for you to research before making any big commitments