Significant changes in the economy have made it much more common for college graduates to move back to the home of their parents after completing their course of study. The housing bust of 2008 made it more difficult for almost everyone to qualify for home ownership, and rental prices increased much higher in many markets. In addition, employment has been harder to come by, especially for those who lack work experience. Many college graduates are working in the same jobs, or the same kinds of part-time jobs, that they worked in order to have folding money while they were in college.

Your Parents’ Perceptions of You

Whether you need local moving services or long distance moving services, using moving services can reduce much of the stress associated with moving back in with your parents. Before you left for college, your parents were legally responsible for your well-being. Your parents will likely retain some of their instincts to protect you, even if you have grown up, gained a college degree, or have traveled overseas.

When they look at you, they may not see an accomplished adult; they might still see the baby they brought home from the hospital. They may try hard to overcome this, but they will always be your parents. They may not set a curfew or monitor your internet usage, but they will most likely expect some modicum of respect and consideration. Be patient with them if they remind you to take your hat and gloves with you when you go outside.

The ‘Roommate Talk’

When you talk to your parents about moving back home, it may be helpful to have a conversation about the particulars of this arrangement. Establishing a monthly rent or expense may go a long way to secure your personal freedom even while under their roof. They may ask you to help with household chores, or to do your laundry on any other day besides Saturday morning so that they can keep their routine. It might be a good idea to discuss how long the arrangement will last. Be considerate and let them know if you will be home later than usual.

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When you have your conversation with your parents about the particulars of your living arrangement, talk to them about the logistics of the move itself. Unless you lived in a dormitory for your entire college career, you will have accumulated a lot more stuff than you left with after you graduated high school. You may discover that your parents’ biggest objection may be that they don’t want to help you move all of your stuff. This may be more likely if you need long distance moving services.

Black Tie Moving can help you overcome this objection with our local moving services or long distance moving services. In addition to moving services, we provide packing and unpacking services, making your moving experience as easy and stress-free as possible. Even if your parents do not have objections to having you back in their home, Black Tie moving can remove the stress associated with any move. Our moving services, packing services and unpacking services will be done quickly and efficiently.