Business relocating can be an enterprise-wide exercise in mindfulness and teamwork. A commercial move has a myriad of details that must be discussed and coordinated among everyone who will have to report to work at a new location.

You may want to schedule the move for a slow time for your business, so you may need to check your assumptions about that slow time. Some coworkers may be busy when things are slow for you. If hiring and training are also scheduled for a slow time, you don't want trainees showing up at the wrong address.

Don't Panic, Plan It.

Check your assumptions about your current lease as soon as anyone brings up the possibility of having to move the office. You will want to make sure you know exactly how much notice you need to give, the expiration date and other such details. It is a good idea to have an attorney review any new leases before signing, and to review them yourself. It is easy to assume that since your current lease provides for telephone, internet connection or other utilities, your new lease will also provide such amenities, but that’s not always the case. Check to be sure.

If you are moving your office because your current office is too small, you are already thinking in terms of how much space you will need. Your business needs will determine the types of fittings that space will require. If you have specialized or unusual equipment, such as fireproof filing cabinets, you will need to mention this when contracting local or long distance moving services. You will need to think about parking, plumbing, coffee service, access to food and food storage, and smoking rules.

Unexpected Effects

Business relocating can reveal communication gaps within an organization. Everyone who works in the office must communicate. Supervisors may need to make decisions about which documents and equipment employees may or may not transport themselves. Be aware that some employees may see the move as an opportunity for a relative with a pickup truck to earn some money. Avoid this option. It is faster, better and more efficient to hire a professional for a commercial move.

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Since everyone will have to report to a new location, everyone will have to communicate about the move. You will want to verify that employees have received communications about the move. Your business needs and the size of your organization will determine how many people will be in charge of coordinating the move, and who they will be. If you have an employee who has been through a commercial move, have them involved in coordinating the move at some level. If nothing else, their stories of business relocating fiascos will give you some ideas of what to watch for.

On the day of the move, schedule employees to report for work only if they are needed to complete the move or are needed to meet deadlines or address critical needs. Everyone else will just slow the move. It also may be a good idea to schedule the move over a weekend, when the space is nearly empty.

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