Select A Quality Moving Company

The first thing to consider if you are looking for accurate long distance moving quotes is whether a mover is licensed and insured. If a mover cannot provide DOT numbers, you may not want to request long distance moving quote from them. If you find a few licensed moving companies that you want to consider, such as Black Tie Moving, you can narrow them down further by getting references. Check with people you know who have had good and bad experiences with movers, or look for reviews on websites. The BBB can tell you whether complaints have been filed against the movers.

If a mover insists on visiting you in person to give an estimate, take it as a good sign. They need accurate information in order to provide realistic cross-country moving estimates. An experienced estimator can better calculate the real cost of moving cross-country if he or she can look at items, determine how much time it will take to move them through doorways, and determine how many men it will take to load them in a truck. Seeing your home and the items you need to move will allow the estimator to determine how many trucks and what size trucks they will need so that they can tell you the real cost of moving locally.

Consider Items Needing Special Handling or Packing Materials

One thing that an estimator for a moving company will want to discuss in some detail with you is items that require special handling or specialized packing materials. These items may include artwork or collectibles, delicate items, or specialized equipment. If you are moving to a different state, the mover may need to tell you that your new home state will not allow you to bring in your house plants. The mover may suggest special handling or specialized packing materials for items that you did not think needed to be handled so carefully. Movers know from experience that suggesting special handling of items may result in higher estimates, but ultimately results in more satisfied customers.


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If it is not possible for you to have someone from a moving company come to your home to provide a local moving quote or a long distance moving estimate, have a list of all the furniture you will need to move. You may need to make your own estimate of how many boxes you will need. The estimator will need to ask whether items need to be moved up or down stairs. They will ask if you are moving locally or cross country. An estimator’s job is a little easier if they can learn something about your destination, such as the layout of the home.

Dedicate a Day to Collecting Moving Quotes

It may be a little easier for you to compare local moving estimates or long distance moving estimates is to get all of the quotes on the same day. This allows you to compare not only the numbers but also such things as what questions the movers asked. The more questions they ask, the more likely that the mover will be able to a realistic cross-country moving estimate. Make sure all of the adults in your household hear the estimates. One person may overlook some items.