You know you need help from local moving companies for your relocation and that you have to switch over your utilities. You've called up the kids' schools and talked about a transfer, and you've let everyone know about your move.

Did you make plans for your pets, too? Whether you're moving across town or moving cross country, you may need to think about special plans for your pet. Don't risk a pet injury or loss of one of your furry family members by forgetting about them on moving day.

Here are a few simple tasks for your pets you'll want to add to your list of things to do before moving day arrives.

Don't Pack All of Fido's Food

Even if you're moving across town and don't anticipate being out of your home for more than a day, your pets will need to eat just like your family. You'll probably have a few boxes or bags with some essentials for the family. Do the same for your pets. Keep some food handy, make sure you have their medication in easy reach, and have a few gallons of water on hand, too.

If you're crossing the country with your pets, you'll want to pack a bag for them just as you would the members of your family. Food bowls, food, treats, and toys are important for keeping your pet happy and healthy during the move. Your pets may feel stress during the move, and their familiar toys can make the move easier for them.

Consider a Kennel

It's difficult to be apart from your pet, even if it's only for a day as you move across town. However, the safest place for your pets may be with a local kennel. A friend can provide the same service, but a kennel is a safe and professional option for keeping your pet out of harm's way during the move.


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It's convenient to place your animals in a kennel for a day even after your house movers have unloaded everything into the new home. That first day in the new house will feel chaotic, and your pet might feel stress from the new environment and all the boxes. Get a little unpacking done and allow the family to settle in, and then bring your pets into the new home.

Saying Goodbye to Pets

You may need to consider finding some pets a new home if you're working with Dallas movers to move across the country. Fish are terrible travelers, and the stress of a long-distance move can actually kill them. You may want to consider looking for a home for your fish a few months before moving day arrives.

Small animals like guinea pigs are also difficult travelers. If you're moving across the country, think carefully about moving that distance with your guinea pigs. Extreme care and attention must be paid to such animals when you move to keep them as calm as possible during the trip.

Once You Arrive

Your pet will probably want to explore your new "digs," but it's essential that you don't allow your pet to wander around unsupervised immediately after your moving company unloads everything into the house. A cat will get lost if you let him outside too soon, and your dog might wander away, too.

Don't worry about keeping your pet in a bathroom or in its kennel for a few days after you move into your new space. Your dog can observe his new environment from the safety of his cage, and you can allow him out of the cage briefly for the first few days until he's comfortable.