It’s no secret – moving is not a cheap. However, it’s a necessary, unavoidable cost when relocating. Whether it’s for local or cross country moving, the cost of moving can vary depending on the agreed upon services between you and your moving company. Understandably, many people look for ways to cut costs wherever possible throughout the process. One of the components of moving that many families contemplate including in their plans is professional packing service. Is it worth paying for? The answer depends on your individual circumstances. By asking yourself the questions below, you can decide whether or not you need packing services as a part of your move.

Do I have the time to pack myself?

Anyone who has moved knows that packing is a full time job that can take weeks to complete. It is not just a matter of buying moving boxes and dumping all of your belongings into them one weekend. On the contrary, if you do not follow an organized, systematic process, you could end up losing or even damaging some of your belongings. If you have a demanding job, business travels, or other commitments, hiring a moving company to pack your belongings is a great option. Professional movers are licensed and trained to pack up your home as safely and efficiently as possible, leaving you with one less to-do item to worry about.

Do I own many heavy, fragile, or breakable items?

As mentioned previously, packing haphazardly can cause you to misplace some of your belongings. However, there are other serious risks associated with packing yourself that you should consider as well. If you own many fragile or breakable items and fail to pack them properly, they could be broken during the packing/moving process. In addition, packing or carrying heavy items yourself could result in an injury that, depending on its severity, could slow down the momentum of the entire moving process. Hence, although you may decide to pack yourself with the intention of saving money, you could end up spending double the cost of professional packing to replace a broken valuable item or to recover from an injury.

Professional movers such as Black Tie Moving have years of experience handling all sorts of valuable and fragile items. They pack each item securely with high quality packing materials to ensure a smooth move without anything being broken or damaged. You will have piece of mind knowing that your most valuable belongings are in careful, capable hands.

Do I have young children?

Packing with babies and toddlers can be a daunting and hazardous task. Young children are known for their love of seeking out dangerous, chaotic situations and planting themselves right in the middle of them. In addition, the entire moving process can be a scary, overwhelming experience for young children – especially when moving cross country. Hiring a moving company to pack up your home will allow you focus on any anxieties or other feelings that your children may be experiencing. It will also give you a chance to keep your child(ren)’s routine as uninterrupted as possible until moving day.

Can I Afford Packing and Moving Services?

Of all the other factors to consider, this will be the final determining one when deciding whether or not to hire professional help with packing. The best way to find out whether or not packing services fit in your budget is to order a free moving estimate. The cost may end up being more affordable than you expect. If you find that the combination of moving and packing services is over your budget, you could hire movers just to pack. Many companies will come to your home, pack your belongings professionally, and then leave it to you to get it to its destination. This is a smart, cost-effective alternative for an affordable move without the worry, hassle, and stress of packing.