Since their introduction, cellphones have evolved from a luxury item used only to make phone calls to a pocket-sized computer that combines every method of communication to place the world at your fingertips. From helping us locate the closest gas station, to checking your account balance, counting calories, and ordering a cab, there are so many different applications that are designed to make different aspects of our lives easier. They have become an element of our day-to-day tasks – in our workouts, cooking, grocery shopping, scheduling, and relaxing.

With such a large role in every other facet of our lives, why not use smartphones to prepare for a move? Here are a few smartphone apps to install on your phone to help you through every stage of long distance moving, compiled by a Dallas moving company.

Getting Organized for Cross-Country Moving

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: one of the best ways to minimize stress during a move is to stay organized. While traditional checklists and sticky notes may help with some aspects, it is easy to lose or damage these slips of paper. Instead, download one or all of these apps to keep your lists backed up and in your pocket at all times: Moving Planner (Android - $0.99)

This app includes everything you need to plan your house moving. With the ability to create multiple lists, you can create separate lists of tasks to complete prior, during, and after your move, along with a list of contents for every single box you fill while packing – which makes finding items as you unpack much easier. Best of all, the app comes more than 210 pre-loaded items to add to each list, saving you the time of typing or writing each one. Use app features such as color coding, categories, and export/backup to keep everything in order during your local or cross country move.

MoveMatch (Android and iPhone – Free)

MoveMatch is a great tool for anyone looking to relocate or store goods. The app allows you to survey your own goods, calculate weight quickly to give a moving estimate, and includes cost saving tips and handy checklists. You can even forward your lists to your professional movers to explain where exactly to drop off which boxes.

Needing Medical Attention While Moving

Accidents happen, and when you’re under stress and moving around heavy boxes, you never know when the need for medical attention will arise. iTriage (Android and iPhone – Free)

From pulling a muscle to your child developing a skin rash from your new yard, iTriage can help you find the closest medical facility. The app’s directory provides a comprehensive directory of every hospital, urgent care, physician, and pharmacy in the country. It gives you turn-by-turn directions to the nearest facility and even has information about symptoms and medical conditions.

Navigating a New City

While moving cross country to a new city is exciting, it can also be a little intimidating – especially if you are not familiar with the area. If traveling by car, you will be driving through several areas that you may have never visited before. Not to worry- there’s an app for that! Around Me (Android and iPhone – Free)

Do the kids need a break from the road? Is the moving van running low on gas? The Around Me app locates the nearest grocery stores, gas stations, banks, and fast food restaurants.

Yelp (Android and iPhone – Free) As one of the biggest review apps available, you may already have Yelp installed on your smartphone. Once you reach your new city, do some research to find the best restaurants, mechanics, parks, malls, theaters, and whatever else you need to help you get settled in.

Other Helpful Moving Day Apps Here are a few other helpful tools to keep on your smartphone.

Weather Channel (Android and iPhone – Free)

It’s moving day and the sun is shining… but what is the weather like at your new home? Use this app to check forecasts and receive notifications for severe weather.

Ambiance (Android and iPhone - $2.99)

To maintain your Zen during a move, it’s important to relax whenever you can. Whether you’re spending the night in a hotel on the way to your destination or finally in your new home, plug in your earphones and enjoy over 2,500 soothing sounds to help you unwind and fall asleep.