Whether it’s long distance or cross country, moving to Dallas is a chance at a fresh start – a new home, trimmed lawn, and clean garage. With all of the chances to begin anew, there is one more task that you must start from scratch, as well – meeting your neighbors. After a move, there is so much to do that this is often given the least priority and put on the back burner. However, getting to know your new neighbors is important as it provides a safer community where families look out for one another. Also, being the “new kid on the block” can feel lonely. The sooner you meet your neighbors the more your new neighborhood will feel like home.

As a professional Dallas moving company we know all that goes into moving and unpacking and understand that you may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed; but it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few easy ways to meet your new neighbors.

Visit Community Areas

One of the best ways to meet the families in your new neighborhood is to visit any common community areas, such as a community pool, clubhouse, or park. This allows you to introduce yourself to several different people all at once. If you are moving in the summer, step away from unpacking for a few hours and get your feet wet (literally).

Spend Time Outdoors

For the week following your move, you’ll be spending the majority of your time cooped up indoors unpacking all of your belongings. This can make it much harder for you to meet people and get acquainted with the community. If you have a front porch, move some boxes and unpack outside. Or, if you prefer to pack indoors, take out your morning coffee or a book in the evening. This will also help you take breaks and relax while unpacking. By relocating some of your activity outdoors, you can create an opportunity for introductions between you and your neighbors.

Find Other Parents

If you have children, making new friends can be easier. Allow them to play in the front yard or at a nearby park. There will be other children there who they may get along with. If their parents are with them, introduce yourself and schedule a play date. If you move during the school year, accompany your children at the bus stop where you’re bound to meet other parents sending off their children.

Go Door to Door

Your new neighbors may be interested in meeting you, but avoid doing so as not to disrupt you with an unexpected visit. Instead, take a walk next door and introduce yourself. Exchange names and contact information so that you both have it handy for the future. If you find yourself needing a tool or ingredient, ask your neighbor instead of heading to the supermarket. This could be the beginning of a new, long lasting friendship.


Whether you’ve relocated to Arlington, Irving, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, or Highland Park, the dynamic of every Dallas neighborhood is different. Some communities may be more active outdoors while others prefer to gather inside, which can make it harder to meet new people. If you’re having a hard time making new friends around your neighborhood, widen your net by looking for volunteer opportunities. A simple online search can guide you to libraries, schools, and community centers that are openly searching for community volunteers. It will be a great chance to start a friendship, especially if you volunteer with the same people frequently.

Be a Considerate Neighbor

We’ve all heard it before – the first impression is everything. Chances are, if you park your car or moving truck in front of your neighbor’s driveway on moving day or leave empty boxes on your front lawn, they will not be very keen on becoming friends with you. On the contrary, take extra care to make sure that you are not being a disturbance and you will find that some neighbors come over to introduce themselves. Keep a few glasses or coffee mugs out of boxes and available so that you are prepared to “entertain” these visitors briefly. If someone brings by a casserole or basket of muffins, be sure to send out a thank you card to show that you appreciate the kind gesture. This will create a kind exchange between you and can eventually turn into a nice friendship.