You’ve found a local moving company gotten a moving estimate, and scheduled moving services – you’re ready for moving day. Whether you’re moving cross country or just across town, chances are you have located a new place that you will soon call home. However, before moving on, it’s important to appreciate the time that you have spent in your current home.

Depending on the length of your stay there, you probably have memories and sentiment in every corner of your home. It may be the home that you were raised in, your first home as a married couple, or the home that your first child learned to walk in. No matter how excited you are about your new place, here are some ways to enjoy the final moments in your current home while you are able to.

1. Have a party

What better way to pay tribute to your current home than by hosting a farewell party? Keep it simple within the family or invite extended family and friends. If you have lived in the home for a while, they will also probably have some fond memories there as well. Inviting them to your party will allow them to say goodbye, too. Serve drinks, order pizza, play board games – whatever you, your family, and your friends can enjoy together.

2. Take plenty of photos

Although you have probably taken lots of photos in your current space, you will also want to snap a few shots of the place itself. Whether it’s an apartment, condo, or house, every place that you call home throughout your life is a part of your history. Was this the first home you purchased as a couple? Take some romantic photos with your husband or wife in your favorite area of the home. Did you manage to coexist with an 18 month old in a 600 sq foot studio apartment? Take photos of the clutter and toys. Although you may be counting down the days until you move into a larger space, you will love looking back at the photos documenting this phase of your life.

3. Make a mess

If you’ve kept a neat and tidy home until now, congratulations! Maintaining an organized home is commendable. However, there is beauty in letting loose and making a mess. Check off a few DIY craft projects that you’ve had saved on Pinterest for a while, or try out the recipe you’ve had bookmarked in your favorite recipe book. If you need some help cleaning up, moving companies such as Black Tie Moving offer professional cleaning services so that there is no trace of your messy fun.

4. Spend a weekend inside

With limited time in your current home, spending a lazy weekend inside is a great way to cherish the final days or weeks before a move. Plus, the closer and closer you get to moving day, the busier and more chaotic things will get. Spending a quiet, calm weekend in your home will help you relax before things get too crazy.  

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