Moving soon? Every day that passes brings the moving date you’ve scheduled with your local movers closer and closer. Here are 3 more things to do before moving out of your current home, continued from our last post.

5. Experiment with bold décor ideas

One of the most exciting parts about moving to a new home is the opportunity to decorate with a completely clean slate. However, it can also be overwhelming as there are so many different designs to implement. Chances are you’ve been browsing Pinterest for some new decorating ideas for your new home and may be having trouble narrowing it down to just a few favorites for an incredible overall concept. The walls of your current home provide a great outlet for bold ideas that you’d like to test run before including in your new home.

Have you always wanted to paint your bedroom walls a deep shade of blue but worried that it would make the room too dark? Buy a small can of the color and try it out! You could end up loving it and buying more for your new bedroom or decide that it’s not right for you. Or, pick out a statement piece of furniture that speaks to you but does not necessarily match anything else. You may be so inspired by it that you decide to decorate an entire room in your new home based on its colors or style. Finally, play around with artwork. Frame collages are very popular nowadays, and getting the right frames in the right place can make all the difference in the overall look. Once you’ve found an arrangement that you like, snap a photo so that you can hang them up the same way in your new home.

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6. Utilize your favorite parts of the home

When moving from one home to another, there are often features that exist in Home A that you will no longer have in Home B. Find those parts of your home that you have never had before and will not have in your new home, and get the most out of them while you can. For example, your backyard may be much larger in your current home than it will be in your new one. Utilize it by having more barbeques, starting a small garden, or setting up a camp for your children one night. Be sure to take some photos to document the events and keep the memory. You’ll be glad you did once you move on to your new home.

7. Leave a card and welcome gift for new resident

Before embarking on a local or cross country move with your local moving company, it is helpful to have a little bit of good karma on your side. Your current house will soon be home to a new family who will also be dealing with the stress and transition of moving. Help them feel welcome with a small gift and warm message. This could be anything from a new coffee maker, to a welcome basket full of goodies or a simple bouquet of flowers. They will definitely appreciate the gesture and it will keep the positive vibes that you’ve kept in your home continue to flow.