This post is a continuation of Moving Cross Country for College: a Checklist (Part 1).

Buy Some New Items to Personalize Your Space

Although you may be bringing along some items you already have, buy a few new items to make your new space your own. Good items to buy new are towels, toiletries, bedding, and some fun décor. Don’t forget the more practical, grown-up things that you will need, such as cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, and medicine. Two new items to invest in are:
  • A Carrier for Your Bathroom Supplies

Unless you’re living on your own, you will most likely be sharing a restroom with a roommate or two. To keep your toiletries handy at all times, invest in a small carrier that you can take with you when it’s your turn in the morning. This could include a loofah, facial cleanser, toothbrush, shampoo, bath soap, lotion, and hair styling tools and products. If each roommate stores their bath supplies individually, it can help avoid conflict, lost items, and a cluttered bathroom.
  • A Locked Storage Box

No matter how much you like your roommates, there are some things to keep private. A locked storage box can hold cash, important documents, and other valuables. By keeping everything in one safe place, you reduce the risk of misplacing these important items. It's a good idea to store these items in the box even before you embark on your long distance moveto avoid losing them.

Once you have all of the items you need, begin packing. You can do this yourself or ask your local moving company about their packing services.

Bring a Piece of Home

The first few weeks in your dorm or apartment may be difficult. After all, you are readjusting yourself to new surroundings, friends, and are away from family. To help your new space feel more homey, bring an item that reminds you of home. A cookbook, blanket or pillow, photos, or even your mom's homemade hot sauce will help you feel less homesick and more comfortable in your new home.

Do Your Homework

No, we don’t mean schoolwork. Be sure to review all important documents that were given to you by the housing department. This usually contains information about car or bike registration, orientations, and moving day instructions. Familiarizing yourself with these documents will help make your move-in much less stressful.

Get to Know Your New Home

For 2 – 4 years, your college campus will be home. Take a tour around the campus if you have not already, as well as the areas surrounding the school. Look for a pharmacy, supermarket, restaurants, and places you think may be good hangout or study spots. Once the moving service trucks are unloaded, have lunch or dinner at a local restaurant with your family before saying goodbye. That way, you’ll have a memory of home in your new neighborhood.