If you've ever moved before, you know that the process can create some serious stress, and it's important to plan carefully and consider the assistance of a professional mover. Having a professional moving crew help you during your move can save money, and it's often safer to let an experienced mover handle your possessions. Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional mover is something to consider for your next national or local relocation.

Packing Services Usually Cost Less

One of the best ways to save money on a move is to have someone else pack your things. Professional moving companies can pack houses in their sleep, and extremely efficiently. They'll pack an entire house in less than a day and can even accomplish it in a few hours with enough hands.

The majority of people who decide to pack their own boxes end up using way too many boxes, a ton of extra tape, and loads of packing peanuts. Moving companies can perform this service without spending extra money on boxes, tape, and packing materials.

Even if you're a veteran mover and you have a decent system for getting everything into boxes, consider the investment of time and the cost of spending hours putting things in boxes. You might have to take a day off work to pack everything.

Local Moving Companies & Insurance

Like many professional entities, moving companies have insurance, and your possessions are safe when they're packed and transported by a professional moving company. In the rare event something happened to one of your boxes or your transport truck was in an accident, your belongings would be insured for the loss.

Further, professional movers pack and load boxes every day, so their techniques for safe packing and transport are solid. They know how much protective wrapping to use and what size boxes are best for various items in your home.

Don't risk scrambling at the last minute for a larger truck or wasting money on supplies. Book professional moving services for your relocation.

It's More Than Just a Truck

When you decide to move without a moving company, it's not just the expense of renting the truck and buying the packing supplies that will put a dent in your wallet. You're also looking at equipment rentals for large items that are all but required to get certain pieces of furniture on a truck.

For example, your local movers will have a variety of items on hand that will make the moving process easier and faster. They'll have hoisting straps, multiple dollies, and will usually have ramps to accommodate large pieces of furniture that must be rolled into the truck.

If you decide to move on your own, these extras will cost you money to rent or buy. Also, your move will probably take a lot more time because you don't have a professional system to get things done quickly.

Consider: A professional moving company like Black Tie Moving has connections to local storage units that can come in extremely handy for complicated moves.

Professional Coordination Saves Time

Professional movers are efficient and know how much time your move will take based upon the size of your house and the type of furniture and possessions you own. As soon as you contact them for a moving estimate, they will determine exactly what size truck you'll need, how many packing supplies you'll require, and how long it will take to load the truck.

You can make these estimates on your own; but you might end up with a truck that's too small, buy too many boxes, or might not budget enough time for the move.

The Bottom Line

With enough time and backbreaking work, you can move on your own. However, there are physical and monetary costs associated with moving without local movers. At the very least, contact some moving companies and ask them for a moving estimate.

Consider the ease, convenience, and safety of allowing a professional local or long distance moving company to care for your possessions during the move.