Moving is a big deal for your family, but it can also be challenging for your neighbors. Your moving day can be a major inconvenience to your neighbors, but it doesn’t have to be. As Nashville movers, we understand that moving in a subdivision or apartment complex can cause some trouble for the neighborhood. Here are some tips to minimize the community impact:
  • Consider the Time of Day- Moving can be noisy and take up a lot of room. Be conscience of when you schedule your move so it isn’t too early or during any rush hour traffic.
  • Let Your Neighbors Know- Once you schedule your move, let your neighbors know so they can prepare. Depending on their schedule, they may need to adjust their day to avoid any hiccups.
  • Clean It Up- Chances are that there will be some items dropped or packing materials littered on the yard or in the apartment hallway. Be sure to do a quick sweep to pick up after yourself before you leave.
  • Say Your Goodbyes- On moving day things may get too hectic to have a proper goodbye. Make sure you say goodbye to your neighbors beforehand. Throw a going away party as a way to celebrate the good times you had and to share plans for your new adventures.
Besides following these tips, it helps to hire a professional moving company like Black Tie Moving. Our experienced movers have the know-how and skill necessary to make your move a smooth transition.  They can help you overcome these obstacles so your move is seamless for your as well as your neighbors.

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