Moving is expensive and many people tend to look for any way to save some money.

While these tricks may seem like they are valuable, they could cause more harm than good. As Brentwood movers, we have years of experience moving people and we have seen how some of the money saving tricks can backfire.

One big money-saving trick that tends to cause more trouble than it’s worth is getting free moving boxes. Those free moving boxes, whether from a mover or collecting from businesses around town, are usually weaker, cumbersome, and prone to disaster.

Quality moving boxes are more valuable than you may think. Moving boxes should be relatively square in shape and no bigger than your shoulders. Anything bigger can be difficult to lift and carry. This size also allows your driver to pack the truck easier.

The material is also important. It needs to be thick enough to stack on a dolly and on a truck. It is also helpful for it to have flaps that can be taped at the top and bottom to ensure the box will hold the weight of the items. Speaking of weight, many professional moving boxes have the weight listed on the box so you are less likely to overfill and break it.

While finding cheaper moving boxes may seem like a good idea, they can also cause more headaches than professional moving boxes. Before you start your move, contact the Brentwood moving experts at Black Tie Moving to learn more about their concierge moving services. We offer a wide variety of services from utility management to packing. We can help you with finding high-quality moving boxes and packing material. Call or visit our website to learn more about our moving services and get your FREE quote today!