When moving, it’s easy to overlook the details, but these details can make all the difference in your moving experience.

In a recent interview with Realtor.com, Black Tie Moving Executive, Dustin Black highlights one of the biggest moving myths- markers. While this simple tool may seem insignificant, it can severely benefit or hinder your experience.

There are two big characteristics that will ensure you have a quality marker. You want to make sure it is permanent and has a thick tip. Your moving boxes may be carried through rain, snow, sleet, wind, and more elements. Semi-permanent markers may bleed or fade in the elements. Permanent markets will make a more vibrant, lasting visual. Thicker markers will also make it easier for movers to read. If you use a small tip, you will have to color in the letters to make it easier for people to read and determine which they need to grab.

Why do you need markers? Writing messages on the boxes are helpful for you and your movers. It allows you to indicate fragile items, what room each box belongings to, and you can write the contents of the box on the outside so you know what is in there when you are unpacking.

A market may be a small tool you use during a move, but it can make a big impact on the outcome of your move. Be sure to pay attention to these details to make the process easier on you and your moving crew.

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