Packing your belongings is a labor intensive process. There are a lot of items to organize and pack. It’s hard to know where to start. You may speed through packing up seasonal items, but then you pause…what about those everyday items?

It may be tempting to wait to until the last minute to pack away all of these items, but that can cause more headaches later one.  Black Tie executive, Dustin Black, recently had an article with highlighting some of the top moving myths.  This is a big one! Not only does it make it harder for moving day, but it can add on extra time (and therefore expenses) if you aren’t prepared when your movers arrive.

Instead of waiting until the last second, here are some other options from our expert residential movers:

  • Pack an Essentials Box- Pack up your everyday items in separate containers than what your movers are taking.  Be sure to clearly mark these as do not pack. These essential bags should have clothes, toiletries, any work or school necessities, chargers, medications, etc.
  • Have a Last Minute Box- You may find odds and ends as you are doing your final rounds of the house, so keep an empty box available so you can throw them in as you find them. You can also throw in any extra items you needed to use the night before (i.e. sheets).
  • Last Night Necessities- In addition to having a last minute box, keep those essential bags by your last minute necessities. This makes it easier to throw any toiletries you may have used the night before or morning of into it.
Moving may be incredibly complicated, but proper preparation will keep you from having any moving nightmares.  For more moving tips or to learn more about our moving services, contact us or visit our website.

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