Recently, we have been reviewing some of the top moving myths that cause people more stress than relief.  In an article by, Black Tie Executive, Dustin Black, reviews some of the top moving myths and how to avoid making these mistakes.

In our fourth and final installation we review the myth that moving on Friday is best. If you don’t have much wiggle room on your move date, this may not be possible. But for those with the luxury or picking a day, avoid the ever popular Friday.

  • Why?- Fridays tend to be one of the most popular days to move.  People like to have the weekend to unpack and get settled. This popularity causes an increase in the cost of moving services as well as puts enormous time constraints on the movers. This limits the amount of movers assigned to your move and could also mean a less experienced crew.
  • Repercussions- Planning for a Friday, especially a rush job, will cause more stress and will cost you more money.  Less experienced movers could also cost you more if your items get damaged.
  • Ways to Avoid It- If you must move on a Friday, schedule your move at least a month in advance. Be sure to get on the calendar early so you can ensure you have a quality team come moving day.  If you have more flexibility, try to schedule your move on another week day.
Moving is stressful enough without adding extra complications.  Following these tips can completely change your entire moving experience.

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