When expecting a baby, you may decide to move to a home with more space or one that is closer to family members. Whatever your reason for moving, the entire process can be overwhelming - especially when you’re pregnant. So which is easier - moving before or after having a baby? As the expert household movers in Dallas, we have some pros of each choice below for you to consider. Pros of Moving Before Baby

  • More Time to Bond:  Moving require a time commitment meaning that you have less time to relax and bond with your newborn. Relocating while pregnant might seem daunting, but doing so will give you more time to cuddle with your baby. Additionally, newborns are sensitive to changes in environments, so moving before may be better for your baby’s sleep patterns.
  • Save Money on the Move: Buying the items you need for your nursery then having to move them isn’t exactly convenient. If you move before birth, your Dallas movers will focus only on your belongings, and having your baby shower at your new place means that all you have to do is move gifts to the nursery.
  • Pros of Moving After Baby
  • Easier Packing: Packing with a baby bump is logistically difficult, so moving after giving birth may make packing and organizing easier. Make the process even easier by asking a friend or family member to spend some time with your newborn while you work.
  • New Mothers Groups: If you are moving long distance, you can take advantage of new mothers groups to help you meet people. There are plenty of groups - walking, yoga, book clubs, music classes and waterbaby lessons to name a few - that can help you connect with others who are going through a similar experience.

There are advantages to both options, and you and your partner will have to come up with a moving plan that makes the most sense for your needs. For the smoothest, most stress-free move possible, hire the Dallas residential movers with the most skill and experience. Contact Black Tie Moving by calling us today or filling out our convenient online form to request your free quote!