Young, millennial couple surrounded by moving boxes and sunlight

Once upon a time, it seems that every young guy or gal dreamed of hitting it big in the Big Apple. The crowded subways, towering buildings, and glistening streets that never slept held their allure as we all watched them on the screen. For many others, the laid-back vibes, beachy climate, and celebrity appeal of LA was more inherently enticing.

However, as millennials grow older, maturing in their professions and starting families, they’ve begun to shirk the rose-colored glasses that solely focused on East Coast vs. West Coast. They are opting instead for locales across the country that offer a whole new set of quirks and intrigue, ones without the endless bustle and impossible housing prices.

Most Popular Millennial Destinations

If millennials are shirking the likes of NYC and LA, where exactly are they headed? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cities that millennials are increasingly more likely to call home.
  1. Seattle, Washington. Sure, it rains a lot, but when the fog clears and the majestic view of Mt. Rainier comes into focus, it makes the cloudy days worth it. Plus, Seattle is rich in cultural diversity and progressive views, a driving force behind many factors millennials enjoy in the place they call home. The vast number of neighborhoods and niche local establishments builds a sense of community that is untouched by some of the more rural East Coast alternatives.
  2. Denver, Colorado. The Mile High City has quietly become a booming metro area for millennials who wish to relocate. Initially it was thought that the serene views were the sole contributor; however, it’s also noteworthy that millennials moving to Denver are fans of areas with a laid-back, technology-centric vibe.
  3. Austin, Texas. As one of the fastest growing cities for young professionals, Austin is home to a variety of respected businesses with positions across a wide range of fields, and millennials are drawn to the work-life balance that Austin residents’ value. Likewise, with deep roots in tech and startup industries, millennials view Austin as a great place to launch or continue an ambitious career. Home to a diverse assortment of art, food, and leisure activities, it’s no wonder so many millennials are making the move to Austin.
  4. Nashville, Tennessee. Some of the main factors that millennials consider when embarking on a move are affordability, diversity, quality of life, and job opportunities. Those who move to Nashville are met with a variety of job opportunities, from small business startups to music to sports. With its many neighborhoods and small surrounding towns, Nashville offers a better cost of living than larger metros, while maintaining a sense of community that millennials love.
  5. Phoenix, Arizona. With its warm, sunny weather that stays beautiful year-round, Phoenix has become a popular hub for millennials to call home. Affordable housing along with a growing digital economy, endless scenic views, and an emphasis on healthy living make Phoenix a top destination for millennials looking to make an adventurous move.
  6. Columbus, Ohio. Columbus has gradually become a top relocation destination in the Midwest, particularly for millennials. They are drawn to the sense of community it exudes, as well as the career opportunities stemming from the various local startups and Fortune 500 companies. With a thriving arts district, popular eateries, and very reasonable housing prices, making a move to Columbus affords Millennials the convenience of a major metropolitan without the inherent pitfalls.
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina. Not only is this southern gem a great place to work, it also boasts an affordable cost of living. Its proximity to both the beach and the mountains is another major draw for millennials, allowing you to drive merely a few hours in either direction and reach the coast or highlands. Charlotte residents, especially those native to the area, are known for their southern hospitality, bringing a sense of community that is unmatched in many metro areas.
  8. Houston, Texas. That’s right, another Texas city has made our list, but with a state as large as Texas, it’s really no surprise. It’s estimated that nearly 300 new residents move to Houston every day. Houston is a progressive city with affordable housing and utility costs; it is also one of the few states that has no state income tax. With a variety of neighborhoods and schools, as well as plenty of available jobs, it’s no wonder millennials are flocking to H-town in droves!
  9. Paradise, Nevada. With an extremely reasonable cost of living, the assortment of available jobs, and the lack of a state income tax, many millennials are choosing Paradise, Nevada as their new home. Offering an urban feel with a ton of eatery and entertainment options, Paradise has gradually been climbing in the ranks as one of the best cities in America to call home. Its many amenities, rich diversity, and scenic desert views make it a particularly inviting place to call home. It seems the old adage “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may have taken on a whole new meaning.
  10. San Antonio, Texas. Did we mention that Texas is very large? Here’s another win for the Lone Star State, as millennials have begun to migrate to San Antonio in higher numbers than ever before. Millennials are drawn to San Antonio for its arts, culture, and diverse food scene, along with overall housing affordability. San Antonio is also poised to bring in a number of tech opportunities and startups to build and shape its future growth, a growth that millennials are very eager to participate in.
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