Even in the best of times, most businesses don’t have a relocation strategy in place. The result? Last-minute confusion, overlooked tasks, and lost items that can cost you time, money, and sanity.

This year’s pandemic makes the process even more daunting and all that more important to plan ahead. If you’re thinking about moving your office or storefront, here’s everything you need to know to avoid common blunders.

3 Steps to a Successful Start

  1. Set your goals. Consider what you want to achieve for your business by making this move. For example, if expansion has your customer service busier than ever, narrow your search for an office that can accommodate a growing call center and plan to set up this department first. Or if Covid-19 precautions have resulted in more remote meetings with clients, prioritize better tech support space over meeting rooms in a new building. Knowing what’s most important to your business directly impacts what’s most important during a relocation and will make it a more successful transition.
  2. Establish a schedule. Once you’ve selected the new location, your next step is to establish a timeline for the move. There are a lot of details to keep straight, so it helps to get everything out of your head and onto paper. Begin by planning your move during your least busy time of year to avoid disrupting workflow. Work backwards from the moving date and break each task into manageable steps with realistic deadlines, making sure to consult with all departments so the needs of your entire organization are met.
  3. Assemble the right team. From realtors to office movers to your own employees, the people you appoint to lead your relocation are critical to its success. Get your staff involved by building a moving team with a project manager to oversee the process, and look for movers who can liaison with them. Black Tie Moving provides a move coordinator who works closely with your team to make sure things are going smoothly.

Your Pre-Move Checklist

Even the best laid plans can hit snags, so back up yours with a checklist. It may sound overly simple, but it’s actually a powerful tool that can keep you organized, on schedule, and on budget. From notifying clients to booking movers to packing those boxes, use our handy checklist to make your move a smooth one.

❏ Use project management software to keep track of moving details such as contacts, budget information, checklists, and timelines.

❏ Inform employees about the move and provide a schedule of important dates.

❏ Review inventory to determine what will be moved and what needs to be discarded.

❏ Consult with your local office moving company, get a quote, and hire your team.

❏ Notify clients, business partners, and property managers of the move.

❏ Schedule office moving activities and events for employees; provide all details for moving day and how to access the new building.

❏ Pack up workspaces and label all boxes.

❏ Transfer tech and other services to your new location.

❏ Arrange for space planning services to organize the layout of the new building.

❏ Update your new address and contact information

Team Up With the Best

As you can see, moving an office is no simple feat. While there is plenty you can do to prepare on your own, Black Tie Moving can help streamline your relocation from start to finish—all with your needs, safety, and budget in mind. Learn more with a complimentary consultation today!