Young, millennial couple surrounded by moving boxes and sunlight

Moving is a sizeable endeavor. Not only do you have to sort through and pack up all of your worldly possessions, but you also have to clean and prepare your old home for sale or inspection. Then, when you arrive at your new home, you have to unpack and go through everything all over again. The good news is that we live in a time when technology can facilitate a big move. Thanks to the internet you can easily find the perfect moving company, compare quotes and customer reviews, track the moving truck, and even hire services to help you clean both your old and new home.

Of course, as we all know, those are just the main events involved in a move. Interspersed throughout them are a hundred little tasks that can easily overwhelm the most organized mover. The sheer volume of elements to consider when moving can leave you with countless questions. What’s the best way to create an inventory of your belongings? Should you donate or sell your unwanted items? What’s the safest and easiest way to sell them? Where can you find someone to clean your carpets?

Fortunately, a wide variety of apps have recently been developed that make every part of moving far easier than it’s ever been. Read on for Black Tie Moving’s top picks for apps to help you move, and soon your only question will be “How did anyone ever move before there were apps?”

Best App to Collaborate & Organize Your Move: Google Keep

Google Keep is a versatile, list-sharing app that’s just simple enough to keep things from getting overcomplicated. With the ability to share and sync lists, you and your family members or helpers will always be on the same page. As members check off completed tasks, everyone else will see which items have been taken care of. This allows you to organize packing lists, moving timelines, cleaning chores, and any to-do list related to your move for seamless collaboration. Google Keep is free to download and use with your Google account.

Best App to Sort Your Belongings Before Moving: Sortly

Sortly is an inventorying app that can help you achieve the monumental task of sorting, packing, and keeping your belongings organized. Using pictures of your items, you can create a visual inventory of all your belongings in the palm of your hand. You can also add notes on any item. Once your items are in the app, the sky’s the limit in terms of sorting and organizing! You can categorize them by box, location, room, owner, etc. Your inventory is also searchable, so you can quickly look up where your items are – in storage, in your new house, on the truck, etc. The app also creates a helpful 8-week moving checklist. The free version allows you to inventory up to 100 items. Upgrade to the paid version to add unlimited items, create scannable QR code labels for your boxes, and sync items across multiple devices.

Best App to Sell Your Stuff Before Moving: LetGo

There’s nothing like a move to show you just how much clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. Chances are you’ll wonder why you need so much stuff, and you’ll most likely come to the realization that you don’t. Selling your used items might seem difficult and time consuming, but don’t shrug off the chance to make some extra cash! LetGo streamlines the process by helping you buy and sell items locally, using only your smartphone. All you have to do is take pictures of each item, write descriptions, set prices, and post them to the app. Potential buyers can message you through LetGo, which means you don’t have to give out your phone number. LetGo encourages its users to go through a verification process and bestows a checkmark on verified profiles so you can judge who is most trustworthy. LetGo is free to download and use, and does not charge a sales fee.

Best App to Get Help Knocking Out Your To-Do List: TaskRabbit

When you’re moving, you can guarantee that countless unexpected tasks will pop up along the way. Even when everything is going as planned, you’ll find that your regular tasks get pushed to the bottom of the list and may be at risk of going undone. TaskRabbit connects you with vetted freelancers who are ready to help you with any task that needs doing. These “Taskers” can assemble furniture, pick up your dry cleaning, help you pack, mow your grass, walk your dog, or anything else that would help take some of the pressure off. All Taskers are background checked, and you can view their rates and reviews before hiring them. The app is free to download and use, but prices for hiring a Tasker vary.

Best App to Find Cleaners & Handymen: Handy

Let’s face it: cleaning is already an onerous task, even when it’s the only thing on your to-do list. Throw a move into the mix, and it’s the last thing you want to think about! Handy connects you to background-checked cleaning professionals for move-in or move-out deep cleaning services. You can also find vetted handymen to hang pictures, assemble furniture, mount a TV, or anything else you might need help with. You’ve got enough to worry about when relocating; hire professionals to take care of those loose ends!

Best App to Arrange Your New Place: MagicPlan

MagicPlan allows you to create floor plans by scanning rooms in your house with your smartphone’s camera. Once you’ve scanned a room, you can try out multiple furniture arrangements without having to move a single sofa. The app features an easy-to-learn drag-and-drop interface to let you experiment with furniture, electric, and plumbing arrangements. You can also add notes, create 3D plans, and export your floor plans. MagicPlan is free to download and use, but to export a floor plan you must either purchase them for $2.99 each or subscribe for an unlimited amount at $9.99/month.

Best Moving Service: Black Tie Moving

Of course, no app can perform the move for you. Once you’ve planned and organized your move, you need a reliable company to do the heavy lifting and transport your belongings safely. There’s no question here; only Black Tie Moving can provide the top-notch service you need to significantly reduce the stress of an inherently stressful time.

From packing to loading, unloading, and even storage, our professional movers are here to help you with your relocation. You’ll get your very own 24/7 moving concierge, as well as professional moving experts who will guide you through the best moving experience of your life. At Black Tie Moving we take care of you from start to finish, and we make you feel like a VIP along the way!

If you or someone you know is embarking on a move, contact the friendly professionals at Black Tie Moving for a FREE moving estimate today. We roll out the red carpet for you on moving day and treat you and your furniture like the VIPs you are!