Moving is often a hectic process, especially as your move date nears. You may find yourself haphazardly throwing things into boxes just to get the house cleared out. But what you may not realize is you’re packing items that shouldn’t relocate with you, or even essentials you’ll wish you had access to during the actual move. Pack smarter with our guide below.

What NOT to Pack

Save time and money with our list of five categories to avoid loading onto the moving van:

  1. Clutter– Moving gives you the opportunity to reassess all of your possessions, so don’t waste this chance to weed out what you no longer use. Not only will it make the moving process easier and less costly, it will start life in your new home off on the right foot. Whether you sell, donate, or trash the items, never pack anything you don’t ultimately need. We recommend paying close attention to clothing, paperwork, toiletries, and mementos.
  2. Bulky Items– Space is money when you’re renting a moving van, so carefully consider if larger items are really worth the room they take up. Books, electronics, furniture, mattresses, bicycles, and appliances all merit a second look before packing.
  3. Vehicles– The family car is an obvious “must take,” but you may want to consider selling any extra cars or other vehicles (such as large landscaping equipment, ATVs, boats, etc.) that have been sitting around or won’t be a good fit on your new property. This helps save on moving costs as well as simplifies the overall process.
  4. Food – Depending on how far you’re moving, trying to pack up your pantry can be a pointless task. Much of it isn’t likely to last a long-distance trip; it could even attract bugs. Consider donating your perishables to a local shelter or soup kitchen, and re-stock once you’re in your new place.
  5. Non-Allowables – This is an industry term for the list that professional moving companies won’t transport. It generally includes items that could potentially endanger the movers or moving equipment. For example, Black Tie Moving’s own non-allowables list includes ammunition, fuel, fireworks, guns, drugs, and anything else flammable.

What to Keep Handy

Before you and the movers hit the road, make sure you have the following items close at hand for security, convenience, and peace of mind:

  1. Personal Bag– Make your first night in your new house simpler by packing a bag of personal essentials: change of clothes, pajamas, toothbrush, medication, sheets, pillow, etc. Have each member of your family pack one as well so you’re not digging through boxes when you could be relaxing in your new space.
  2. House Set-Up Kit – Similar to the above mentioned personal bag, it’s also smart to assemble a kit filled with the things you’ll need to initially set your house up. This could include items like cleaning supplies, groceries, Wi-Fi information, a few toys to keep kids occupied, and of course, toilet paper.
  3. Irreplaceable Items – Whether they hold monetary or sentimental value, it’s smart to keep items that aren’t easily replaced by your side. If you are worried about moving fragile or expensive belongings, Black Tie Moving’s Concierge Services coordinate each step to protect your possessions from start to finish.
  4. Personal Records – Any important paper documents such as birth certificates, passports, or financial records are best kept off the moving van to ensure privacy and security.
  5. Pet Necessities – Put your furry family members at ease in their new environment with their favorite toys, food, and bed. Having these familiar objects right away will give them comfort during what can be a stressful transition.

We Make Moving Stress-Free!

Now that you know what not to pack and what to keep close at hand, turn the rest of your move over to the professionals at Black Tie Moving. As an A+ BBB accredited business, we proudly offer each and every one of our customers superior moving services with luxury feel at a cost-effective and competitively priced rate. We promise your relocation will be customized to your precise needs and you’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated move coordinator every step of the way! Trust Black Tie Moving to take care of your move with expertise and care. Contact us for a FREE moving estimate today!