Moving means a new beginning which can be very exciting! It can also be stressful, especially when roommates are involved. Whether you and your roommates are moving into a place together or you’re leaving a shared space to start your own journeys, it’s essential to be organized. Below are our time-tested tips for navigating the moving experience with roommates to preserve your property and friendship best!

Discuss Timeline, Budget & Expectations

As with most things, it’s best to start with a conversation. It can be easy to assume you’re on the same page about a move but be sure to sit down and explicitly discuss your game plan. Below are some things to think about:

  • When are you going to move? If there’s no overlap of time from when you need to be out of your old address and can get the keys to your new one, you’ll need to plan for transitional lodging and storage.
  • What’s your budget? Moving costs can add up. Be sure to discuss your budget and figure out a plan that works within those constraints. You don’t want any surprises on moving day!
  • What’s your schedule? Once you have your moving date and your budget, you can work together to map out what tasks need to happen when. Moving always takes much longer than you think it will, so be sure to leave lots of cushions in your schedule.

Make a Moving Checklist

There are many moving parts in a relocation; keep a running list of tasks, needs, and reminders. You can use a shared document or shared list on your phone’s notes app or something similar. When moving with another person, it’s important to be clear about who will take care of which task, so nothing falls through the cracks. A shared list will help you both stay on the same page, especially if you’re not already living in the same space. Don’t forget to add these things to your list:

  • Clean and make any needed repairs to your old address
  • Move utilities and insurance from one address to another
  • Forward your mail to the new address for all roommates individually
  • Sort and organize before you pack
  • Buy celebratory champagne or cake for your first night in your new place!

It’s essential to go through all your belongings and downsize for any move, but this is especially true with roommates. More people means more stuff, and you don’t want to move anything to your new home to donate or throw it away there.

Develop a system for packing and sorting boxes. Some will have shared items, but most will need to be identified by individuals. You could use different color markers or stickers to label boxes. You want to be able to identify which box is whose without needing to open them. Whatever your system is, be sure to keep it simple. If it’s too complicated, it will be the first thing to go when things get stressful.

Hire a Trusted Moving Company

One of the best decisions you can make is to let someone else do the heavy lifting. A professional team will handle packing boxes, disassembling furniture, moving, unpacking, and reassembling! Just make sure it’s a reputable company like Black Tie Moving. Our mission for every single job is to provide the best moving experience our clients have ever had. When you and your roommate(s) are ready to plan for your next big adventures, call Black Tie Moving at (844) 920-2966 and learn more about the ways our team will meet all your expectations.