Moving is generally a challenging and stressful process, but it can be overwhelming when adding large or unique items to the mix. These items require special knowledge, understanding, and care to ensure their safety in transit. For peace of mind and expertise, hire the professionals at Black Tie Moving.

Aquariums & Fish

Relocating can be stressful for pets, especially fish, but with preparation, your fish can thrive in your (and their) new home. On moving day, use the aquarium's water to fill small containers or bags to transport the fish, and when you empty the tank, make sure you keep a tiny bit of the water in the bottom to preserve the bacteria. This will help make sure the tank's environment in your new home is like its old environment. Make sure to wrap your tank well, as it will likely be heavy; lift and move it carefully. Your fish should be transported in your vehicle, their containers secured in a larger container to help prevent water from sloshing around. In your new home, set up the tank right away, and put your fish, still in their containers, into the filled tank for a time. This will give them time to adjust to the water temperature before adding them back to the tank entirely.

Appliances, Mattresses & Large Pieces of Furniture

These large and bulky items can be physically challenging to move safely. Before moving day, be sure you know where the items are going and measure door frames to ensure everything will fit. Wrap any legs or handles and add padding to sharp corners to protect both your furniture and your home's walls.

Artwork & Priceless Heirlooms

These items aren't necessarily physically difficult to move. However, art and heirlooms can be fragile and irreplaceable. For framed artwork, use masking tape to place a large X on the glass, then wrap the entire piece with palette paper or something similar. You should also wrap the corners or the whole frame with taped cardboard for additional protection. If your artwork isn't framed, wrap it even more liberally and place it within a cushioned, reinforced box. For other precious items such as sculptures, china, or glassware, use bubble wrap generously. If you don't feel up to the task of adequately securing your artwork or priceless heirlooms, enlist the help of seasoned professionals with a proven record of success.


Gun collections can be challenging to move, especially across state lines. States have different but specific laws for storing guns during transport, so be sure to research the regulations that will affect your move or hire a professional with expert knowledge.


Pianos are beautiful pieces of furniture, but they're absolute nightmares to move. They are bulky, cumbersome, and heavy, but they also have small, intricate parts that can be easily damaged. Some even leave them behind so that they don't have to move them. Ultimately, it's best to hire professional movers like those at Black Tie Moving to handle moving your piano, so any damage during the process won't lead to costly repairs.


As living things, houseplants can be a little tricky and messy to move. A few weeks before moving day, move your plants from ceramic planters to plastic planters to give them time to adjust. When moving day arrives, transport the plants in your vehicle since the back of a moving truck isn't climate controlled. When you arrive in your new home, give the plants time to acclimate and recover from moving before trying to replant them in their original pots.

Trust Black Tie Moving With Your Most Difficult Items

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