Stress-Free Refrigerator Moving Services with Black Tie Moving

Moving is always a challenge, but adding appliances to the mix can crank the tension all the way up to a 10 if you’re not clear on how to complete the mission. We’ve compiled this list of five factors that people frequently fail to consider when moving a refrigerator so you can feel more confident in your plan to complete this tough task.

1. Fully Empty the Fridge

It’s essential to get the refrigerator completely empty before moving. You don’t want your food to spoil during the time the fridge is in the moving truck, and you don’t want it flying all over the place and making a mess during the moving process. In addition to emptying out the food, make sure the freezer is completely defrosted so you don’t end up with stale water sloshing around inside when the frost buildup melts. You should also remove all shelving and wrap it up securely to avoid any damage.

2. Recruit Moving Help

Moving a fridge is not a one-person job. With refrigerators, 350 pounds is still within the range of “average,” so the risk of injury is a real one. Ideally, you’ll hire professional movers like the trained employees at Black Tie Moving to do the job for you and remove your risk, but make sure you have at least one other person to help.

3. Get the Right Equipment

You don’t want to cause damage to your home’s or apartment’s floors at the last minute, so make sure you get furniture rollers and a hand truck or dolly. Use the rollers to slide the fridge onto the appliance dolly sideways, and use all appropriate straps to keep it firmly in place as you move it.

4. Secure Padding

Refrigerators can do major damage to other furniture and items in the moving truck if something unexpected happens, like needing to brake suddenly while driving. To minimize risk, pick up some furniture moving pads and/or moving blankets to ensure all corners are adequately padded.

5. Keep It Upright

Never lay a fridge flat while moving. The weight of the unit can damage internal components and allow the refrigerant to seep into places it shouldn’t. At most, you should tip the fridge 45 degrees while it’s in motion and ensure it’s placed upright in the moving truck.

When in Doubt, Call Black Tie Moving

There’s a real risk of injury and damage any time you’re attempting to move an appliance. To spare yourself and your friends the hassle and danger of moving a refrigerator, call Black Tie Moving to get the job done right. You can reach us at 844-920-2966 and through our online contact form, so don’t hesitate to request a quote and ask us your moving questions today!