Moving is a hassle, and it can be hard to plan that move around your already busy schedule. When the time comes to move, you face an important question: Should I move myself or hire a professional? While tackling the project yourself may seem like the easiest option, there are several factors one should consider before taking on the challenge. Often, people assume hiring a professional is just simply too costly โ€” when you weigh out the difficulties of a DIY move, you'll likely see that this isn't the case.

The Risks of a DIY Move

While most people tend to make their move a DIY project, there are a lot of obstacles one may face that prove to be more of a nuisance than hiring a professional in the first place. A hazard you could face is the risk of damaging your belongings as it's easy to drop an item or bang it against a wall during the process. Additionally, you may injure yourself! Furniture can be heavy, sharp, or all-around awkward to deal with and can result in cuts, bruises, or worse if not properly handled.

The Time It Takes To DIY a Move

The entire process of a DIY move can last from day to weeks. It can be a whole inconvenience, from packing up your house to renting a truck or finding a suitable vehicle to transport everything. It is also likely that you will enlist the help of friends and family โ€” while this is thoughtful of them, it can be challenging to work around everyone's schedules to plan a date and time to knock out the work. Sometimes, there is an expectation of payment in some form or another, resulting in more money out of your pocket.

Gas Costs

While many aspects play into just how much you're going to spend on gas costs during the big move, it's likely not cheap. Whether you're renting a moving truck or not (which is a whole expense), you will have to fuel up numerous times throughout the process, and this can get expensive should you be making a long-distance move.

The Stresses of Packing, Loading, Unloading & Unpacking

Packing can be a nightmare, especially if you've got a large home full of things or a large family coming with you. Furthermore, loading up your vehicle requires patience and strategy, as it's crucial to place each item in a way that saves the most space and will protect your items during transit. Once you arrive at your new destination, you must carefully unload each valuable, unpack them, and rearrange them as desired in your new home โ€” a tedious job for even the most organized.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

Hiring a professional for your big move has many perks. For one, a team of movers allows you to go about your day-to-day routine unbothered! Expert movers are trained to lift and transport even the heaviest furniture pieces from your old home to your new home with ease and safety, ensuring your belongings aren't damaged.

The team at Black Tie Moving is adept at both local and long-distance moves, and with us, you don't have to do a thing! We've got you covered from packing to transporting to unloading and unpacking, and you can put your faith in us to get the job done as seamlessly as possible.

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