Young couple packing books into boxes for a move.

Many of us have a sizeable book collection that needs to come with us when we move. Whether moving across town or across the country, packing your books the right way can save a lot of stress during your transition.

Here are a few things to consider when packing your books for your next move:

Consider Downsizing Your Collection

This can be a tough task for book lovers, but sometimes it’s best to part ways with a few of your books. Why not let another reader enjoy the books you once loved?

Take a look at your collection and think about the books you are least likely to read or reference again. Is there anything you can part with in order to save some room?

You can donate your old books to a thrift shop, hold a yard sale/moving sale, or give them away to friends before you leave town. Every book you leave behind makes your move a bit easier and lighter.

Pack Your Books by Bookshelf

If you have an extensive collection of books, you likely have a few bookshelves, too. The last thing you want to do when you arrive at your new home is sort through a huge mix of books and try to remember where everything goes.

When packing your books for a move, be sure to pack similar books together. If you have books in your living room and books in your bedroom, make a box for each room’s books. That way, you can easily find them and unpack them when the time comes.

Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

It’s essential to pack your books in a way that won’t be overwhelming to carry. A box may fit a lot of books, but if it’s too heavy to hold, you could end up hurting yourself.

Depending on the boxes or containers you use, a heavy number of books can tear open the box, too. Consider the amount of weight each box will hold to avoid stressing yourself or the box itself. When packing, occasionally pick up the box to feel where the weight is before adding more books.

Pack Your Books in the Best Configuration

Just because you packed all your books spine-down doesn’t mean there isn’t some extra space left in the box. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the configuration of your books.

Put your books in their box any way you want, but be willing to turn a few sideways to fit a few more before closing up the box. Fitting a few more books can save you a lot of space in the long run. Fill any tiny gaps with small items that will go in the same room.

Label Your Boxes

This should be a given for every box, but it’s vital that you label your boxes well. You don’t want to run around trying to find your book collection because you didn’t write anything on the box.

Label your boxes based on rooms to make it easier for unpacking. That way, you can move boxes to specific rooms and know what you have to unpack and where it goes.

Use a Variety of Boxes or Containers

You don’t need to use just cardboard boxes to carry your books. If you use boxes, you may want to double-tape the top and bottom for security.

Plastic containers are a great option for packing books, especially ones with large handles. Luggage can also be a great choice, especially bags that have handles and wheels. These make it much easier to move heavy loads.

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