Moving can be stressful for several reasons, especially when the financial aspect is thrown into the mix. Everything from the prices of homes to the supplies needed for moving to the companies hired out to ease the process is affected due to inflation. Below, we look at how inflation has and continues to affect just about every part of moving.

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How Moving Costs Have Changed Over Time

2021 saw the most significant increase in moving costs since 2008, and costs are only rising due to inflation. Inflation affects almost every aspect of moving, including gas prices and storage costs, which are steadily rising. Because home prices have increased, it could be that future homeowners are required to put down a larger deposit to keep up with monthly mortgage payments.

Moving and storage costs have risen around 6.9%, furniture by 15.8%, and truck and other vehicle rentals by 23.4%. Regarding utility costs, electricity has risen 11%, while natural gas has jumped a steep 21.6%. Grocery costs are up to 10% more than average and are expected to increase even more. In the last year, gas station prices have jumped an incredible 48% — likely the area consumers are being hit the hardest.

How Increased Moving Costs Affect Movers

DIY moves are popular among residents all over, but inflation is making it difficult and expensive for those looking to take on the project themselves. With an increase in gas prices, it can be more costly to use your personal mode of transportation than renting out a truck; however, considering more and more people are making a move themselves, fewer and fewer truck and other vehicle rentals are available. Additionally, a shortage of boxes and packing materials makes it more of a challenge to pack and transport all your belongings efficiently.

How Increased Moving Costs Affect Moving Companies

A significant issue moving companies come across due to inflation is a shortage of supplies; this is seen in the form of things like boxes, packing materials, and trucks. This inevitably hinders a company’s ability to be readily available for all individuals looking to hire a company to help with their big move. Furthermore, even if supplies are available, they may be much more expensive to purchase.

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