When you need to move your business, you need a partner who can make the transition as smooth as possible. Black Tie Moving specializes in commercial relocation and helping companies simplify the moving process.

Understanding the commercial moving process can help you get ready for your move. You can prepare your employees to move to a new space.

Commercial Moving Services

Moving your business follows many of the same steps if your business is small or large, but there are some differences between the two.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can be agile. You can move more quickly because you have fewer employees and equipment to consider. Setting up your employees for remote or transitional work can be more manageable.

Small businesses have a higher risk of customer loss during relocation. Partnering with a trustworthy moving company can free you to handle customer service.

Large Businesses

With the more significant number of employees and equipment, large businesses need to be more strategic in planning their relocation. An experienced moving partner, like Black Tie Moving, can help you outline your relocation and seamlessly execute the process.

Even though there are different levels of complexity when relocating a small or large business, much of the moving process is the same for both.

How To Seamlessly Move Your Business

Understanding the steps to move your business can help you eliminate downtime and reduce errors. Here are the steps business owners can take to move their business with the least disruption to the business.

Start Early

The earlier you plan your move, the easier it will be. Think through your commercial relocation with a realistic timeline for each step. Make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to complete your relocation comfortably. You can reduce downtime and added costs by planning ahead.

Hire the Right Partner

Your corporate relocation movers play a considerable part in your move. Hiring the right company – one with experience and a record of exceptional customer service – will help your business. A good moving company can help you plan, pack, store, move, and unpack. By choosing a company that can meet all your relocation needs, you eliminate the stress of having multiple contacts for the same move.

Choose a Labeling System

There are many different labeling systems you can use for your office move. They all can help you stay organized and on track. The point is to make sure you choose one – and stick with it. Explain the labeling system to your employees and how using it will make it easier to pack and unpack the files, equipment, and other supplies stress-free.


Items that are broken or no longer serve your organization should be donated or thrown away. By reducing your belongings, packing decisions will be easier. It will help you reduce your company's downtime by making unpacking and setting up your new space more efficient.

Plan Your Technology

Take the time to determine what IT is essential and what you will pack for the move. Ensure your employees have the supplies and equipment needed to do their jobs remotely during the transition time. You’ll also need to double-check your IT security, to keep data safe during downtimes.

Plan for Storage

Depending on the complexity of your move, you may need short- or long-term storage. Short-term storage can help ease corporate relocation, even with relatively quick relocations. You can use storage for older files or seldom-used equipment and furniture. It also allows you to set up your office at a controlled pace since not everything will be there all at once.

Plan the Unpack

Just as important as packing the office is unpacking the office in your new space. When you plan your corporate relocation and how you will set up the new office, establish which items, personnel, or equipment should be there first. Plan the unpacking order, so you know what everyone needs to do when moving day comes.

Choose Black Tie Moving For Your Commercial Relocation

Black Tie Moving is ready to help you with your corporate relocation if you're moving a small or large business. We’re experts in corporate moves and understand your move’s importance.

We deliver red-carpet service at affordable pricing. We have customized move solutions, including packing, storage, and unpacking. We also supply one point of contact, so you’ll only need one for updates.

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