Moving across the country is one of the most exciting - and stressful - steps anyone can take in their lives. Whether you’re relocating for a new career opportunity, moving to be closer to family and friends, or just ready for a change of scenery in a new state, long distance moves require careful planning in order to avoid unnecessary stress. Here are 5 expert moving cross country tips to make your move as seamless as possible.

1. Make a Timeline

In the weeks leading up to a big move, it is easy to find yourself feeling stressed about the upcoming actions you need to take yet unsure where to start. Making a moving timeline can help you begin to pack and prepare for your cross country move in a timely manner, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed as the day of your move approaches.  Your moving timeline should be specific to your schedule ahead of moving and the belongings you need to take, but an example might include:
  • 1 Month Before Moving: Begin to pack items that you don’t use everyday such as storage from your basement or attic. This is a great time to re-evaluate some items that might not be necessary for you to bring to your new home, as you have plenty of time to donate or dispose of them accordingly.
  • 2 Weeks Before Moving: Home decor can be packed, such as artwork, nick nacks, and other non-necessities that can be found in various rooms. Additionally, this is a great time to get to work packing up your home office, guest, room, and other bonus spaces that are likely filled with items you won’t need over the next 2 weeks.
  • 1 Week Before Moving: Pack up your kitchen, bathroom, and any electronics such as your TV, video game system, computer, and more. This is also a great time to set aside a few outfits to wear for the next week before packing up the rest of your clothing.
  • 1 Day Before Moving: It’s finally time to disassemble furniture and begin cleaning your home now that it is mostly empty. The only things that should be left at this point are essential toiletries and hygiene products, a change of clothes, and your bedding.
  • Moving Day: Pack up your bedding and the rest of your items, clean your space, and get ready to load your moving van or truck.

2. Declutter Your Space

As you begin to pack up your home, it is inevitable that you will come across items you don’t use; and maybe even items you forgot you owned. This is a great opportunity to declutter your space, as packing your things to take to your new home forces you to be realistic about what items you do and do not use regularly. Be realistic about the items you can justify bringing with you across the country; from appliances that have never been opened to clothing you haven’t worn in years, use this as an opportunity to downsize and donate or otherwise dispose of these items.

3. Color Code Your Boxes

Nothing is more overwhelming than arriving at your new home to find that you are surrounded by boxes, and aren’t positive about what each box might contain. Make unpacking easier for yourself by color coding each box by room, so that they are easier to sort once it’s time to unpack. In addition to using color coded labels, you can also label each box with exactly what items are inside.

4. Make a “First Night” Box

moving cross country tips first night boxTo make things even easier for yourself upon arrival at your new home, make a box containing items you will need for your first night. This should contain bedding, a change of clothes, hygiene products such as shampoo and toothpaste, phone chargers, and anything else you anticipate needing on your first night in your new place. This will save you stress when you arrive at your destination as you will not have to dig through any boxes to find the few items you need to get comfortable and unwind after a long day of traveling.

5. Bring in Professional Help

Moving cross country is no small feat. Calling in help from the professionals at Black Tie Moving can eliminate your stress on moving day while ensuring that all of your items are expertly handled and arrive at your destination in great shape. If you are preparing for a cross country move and finding yourself overwhelmed, hiring professional help can save the day.  Black Tie Moving is the long-distance moving company that helps thousands of homeowners every year relocate not just their homes, but their lives. We can help simplify the process of a long-distance move and ensure that your belongings are expertly organized and safely packed. Contact us today by calling (844) 920-2966 to learn more about our moving cross country tips, our moving services, and how we can help you complete your cross country move.