When planning an upcoming move, it is necessary to consider any specialty items that you own that might require extra assistance in getting to your new place. One of the most common items that can be troubling when preparing for a move is a pool table. In addition to being extremely heavy, pool tables are more fragile than many people might imagine, making them a fairly difficult item to move. While you might be tempted to try to move your pool table on your own with the help of your family and friends, hiring professional pool table movers can actually save you time, money, and stress. Whether you’re planning a cross-country relocation or just moving across town, here are just a few reasons why it might be helpful to hire pool table movers.

Specialized Equipment

Moving a pool table requires specialized equipment to disassemble, transport, and move the table from one place to another. The tools needed to disassemble the table and the spacious vehicle needed to transport it to your destination yourself can be pricey. Save money on tools and equipment you would scarcely use by hiring professional pool table movers who already own this equipment and have the ability to get the job done fast.

Professional Experience

Disassembling and transporting a pool table is not as easy as some might think. Depending on the model, age, and condition of your pool table, disassembly and reassembly can be tough. Instead of wasting time trying to find the right instructions and attempting the job yourself while risking damage to your pool table, your home, and yourself, hiring pool table movers can ensure that the job is done correctly by professionals with hands-on experience.


No matter how much experience one has in disassembling or transporting pool tables and how careful one intends to be, the size and delicacy of most pool tables makes the job quite dangerous. Should someone become injured or cause damage to your pool table or your home during a move, the price to pay up front can be quite high. Luckily, professional pool table movers not only have the experience and manpower needed to handle a tough move with as little risk as possible, but you can rest assured that should something happen to your pool table or your home, it will be covered by insurance.  Hiring pool table movers can save you time that might otherwise be spent trying to figure out how to properly transport your table to your new home, and money on the cost of equipment and potential damages. Leaving the job up to a team of professionals can also give you peace of mind and leave you with one less thing to worry about during the stressful process of a big move.  Planning a move? Let the experts at Black Tie Moving help. From packing and unpacking your belongings to moving heavy items like pool tables and pianos, our concierge services will work with you to find the right services for your moving needs and your budget. Black Tie has developed the best reputation in the moving industry and is proud to be the highest-rated moving company on all consumer review platforms such as Google, Yelp, Angi, and more. We also have one of the lowest damage rates in the industry due to our extensive training programs and vetted and experienced teams. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and let us help create the best moving experience possible.