Packing up your belongings and preparing for a move can be challenging for anyone, but especially for book lovers who are wondering how to pack books for moving and transport their collections to a new home while ensuring all of their books arrive safely and without any damage. Books are among some of the heaviest common household items that must be dealt with delicately during a move and can be difficult to pack to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. When you’re planning your packing strategies, Black Tie is here to help! Keep reading to learn some tips on how to pack books for moving that have been approved by our team of top-rated moving experts.

1. Consider Downsizing Your Collection

Downsizing your belongings and clearing out clutter or unnecessary items from your home is crucial when packing and preparing for a move. If you are an avid reader who is always collecting new books, assess your collection and consider getting rid of books that are unnecessary for you to keep before moving. Separating your must-have books from those that you are unlikely to finish or re-read in the future is a great place to start when downsizing your collection. Remember that local charities, libraries, and schools are always looking for donations!

2. Choose the Right Box

One of the most important aspects of keeping your books safe while making the process of moving them as simple as possible is choosing the right moving boxes. When determining how to pack books for moving, be sure to opt for sturdy, medium-sized cardboard boxes that will hold the right number of books without risking falling apart.

3. Pack in the Right Order

Since hardcover books are likely to be heavier than paperbacks, pack them first at the bottom of your box to create a sturdy base. Once all of your hardcover books are packed, it’s time to pack paperbacks and any other lighter books you might have. Avoid overpacking or trying to squeeze too many books into one box, as this will make your box unnecessarily heavy and, therefore, more difficult to move.

4. Load Up Your Truck

The key to ensuring that your books arrive safely at your new home when deciding how to pack books for a move is packing them correctly into your moving truck or van. Be sure to pack boxes of books on the floor of your moving vehicle, and keep them away from any boxes containing liquids or other substances that could cause damage.

5. Hire Help

Deciding how to pack books for moving can be a challenge. Hiring the help of professional movers can make this difficult task less daunting, and can ensure that all of your books arrive safely at your new home in great condition.  The experts at Black Tie Moving can help you pack, move, and unload heavy items, such as books, to help streamline the process of your move. With an A+ BBB rating and decades of experience in the moving industry, our professional movers are experts in everything from moving your book collection across town to completing long-distance interstate moves To learn more about our moving services or get a free moving quote, contact us today.