When the time comes to pack for a move, packing up your kitchen can be difficult. From heavy items like pots and pans to breakable glassware like dishes, the task of figuring out how to pack dishes for moving must be handled with care. Moving fragile dishes can be challenging, and can put your delicate dishes and glassware at risk for chips, cracks, and other damages. Having a thorough plan for how to do so can help to save you time, money, and stress. Keep reading to learn more about how to pack dishes for moving in the most efficient way possible, and why hiring a team of expert movers to handle your dishes is a great idea.

Choose Correct Boxes

One of the most important steps in determining how to pack dishes for moving is choosing an appropriate box that will make the process of moving your items as easy as possible while ensuring your fragile dishes are protected. You can get special dish boxes from professional movers, which are designed with a double layer of cardboard in the walls and base to add extra cushioning and protection for your fragile glassware.

Wrap Your Dishes

While it might sound like common sense that you should wrap your dishes in order to add an extra layer of protection and keep them from breaking, the truth is that many people don’t know the proper way to wrap dishes in order to most effectively protect them from damage. Dishes should be packed with thick materials such as newspaper or bubble wrap, and empty space in any box should be filled with more paper or clothing to add an additional cushion. It’s best to leave wrapping dishes up to the professionals when preparing for a big move, to ensure fragile dishes are kept as safe as possible.

Handle With Care

All moving boxes containing dishes should be clearly marked as “Fragile” to ensure they are handled with care during any move. When packing up your moving truck or van, it is important to ensure that these boxes are placed on the ground instead of stacked on top of any items. Additionally, packing dishes underneath heavy pieces of furniture such as desks or couches will keep them from shifting or sliding while on the go.  Whether you’re moving to a new home across town or relocating to the other side of the country, it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of professional movers when determining how to pack dishes for moving. The expert team of movers here at Black Tie Moving can help with everything, including packing dishes, loading them onto a moving truck or van, and unpacking them carefully in your new home. While there are many components of preparing for a move that you might feel comfortable doing yourself, you should leave this one up to the professionals.  To learn more about our moving services or how we can help you handle delicate items like dishes during a big move, contact us today!