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The thought of moving cross-country can definitely seem overwhelming at first. We’re here to give you some quick tips to remember as you get all the planning taken care of. Honestly, these are painfully obviously, BUT.. You’d be surprised how the small details for customers are the easiest to overlook leading up to move day!

1. Know Your Destination

Simple enough, right? Knowing the exact address of your destination as you begin the moving process will help the moving company to give you an accurate estimate as well as nail down a precise delivery time. With modern technology, you can even get a street view of where you are heading, so you can be more comfortable and aware of this new location as you arrive for the very first time. And be sure to remember the new keys!

2. Know Your Timelines

Successfully planning a long distance move requires configuring an accurate window for your travels. It is easy enough to decide on a departure date and to know when you would like to get to your destination, but realistically figuring out how long the trip will take can be a little tricky. How often are you going to need to stop for refreshments, potty breaks, gasoline, and to sleep? Getting to your new home later than expected will result in additional fees for the movers. Odds are, if you are staying the night at a hotel instead of unpacking, you’ll be paying the movers to do the same thing.

3. Set Up Utilities

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a weekend at a new home with no electricity, phone, internet, etc. because the utilities were not turned on prior to your arrival. It could be romantic to eat a fine meal of canned food by candlelight and snuggle in blankets to stay warm, but this would probably get old after a few hours. Contact the local utility providers in advance and you will be unpacking and dining as a civilized person should. You may want to have the utilities turned on a couple days before you arrive to give a little leeway for any delayed appointments from the utility companies.

4. Check the Weather

This step may seem silly, but if you have ever traveled from Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO in February, you know that the sandals and t-shirt you are wearing in Phoenix is not going to be sufficient for the bitter cold in Denver. Having that extra layer is important whenever you are travelling through changing climates. Additionally, if you’re going to be arriving during heavy rain or snow or extreme heat, you will want to be prepared physically and mentally it.

We understand that this upcoming long distance move is a BIG DEAL, and we’re here to help you keep it all organized whether it’s a few quick tips that we can offer or handling your entire move start to finish. Give our team a call today if you have any questions or concerns.

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Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5
1517 Reviews
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